Poll: Player skill

What kind of skill levels do you hope to see at the table? Would you rather play against those who are better than you, worse than you, or around the same skill?

  • Better
  • Worse
  • Similar

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Share your thoughts below – do you like to learn from your betters? Or would you rather take easy wins?

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Depends on where / why I’m playing. In Cheques, worse. In chips, better.

I have learned a lot from better players than I over the last few months, which I believe has made me a better player also. What is very rewarding for me is to be able to occasionally beat one of these better players…doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s a whole lotta fun :relaxed:


This was a difficult one for me to answer, because the truth is, I like to have all 3 levels at the same table. This is why I like to play tourneys the most. No matter the stakes, there’s always a mixture of better, worse, and similar sets of skills to mine. I can learn from others and still win a few hands or even the whole tourney.

But since the poll gives the option to choose only one of them, I voted Better, only because improving my game and skills is much more important for me than just winning.


Since I like the idea of a ranked Tournament I say better Players.

You are all so modest. I chose “similar”, because I like to play with good players, and I have a high opinion of myself. :slight_smile:

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I say similar because if the player is a bad player its annoying lol they bet on nothing, raise on nothing and don’t use any skill. If the player is a better player then your chances of winning are slim to none. If the are playing similar to the way you play then its fair game :slight_smile:

I agree with Maya on this. I find a mixed table makes for more fun and also you can note the mistakes of less able players whilst learning from the ones who trap you into losing. Will reluctantly choose better if pushed for an answer.


I picked “similar” based on my comfort. If my only objective was to accumulate chips, rather than to enjoy my friends, I’d have chosen “worse” because they’re easier to beat.

If you play here in an effort to improve your poker skills you need to play with them all. The “best” players can adjust accordingly. They don’t always win, but they are capable of changing their play dependent upon who is at the table. If you ever expect to take the skills you learn here and apply them to cash tables BE CAREFUL. Apples vs. Oranges.

I prefer all skill levels… makes for an interesting game and in the tourneys can be both frustrating as well as fun.

The highest skill levels of play on Replay are at … oops, sorry, not allowed to say or a nice mod might move and close my post. :sunglasses:

I prefer the challenge of playing against opponents who are better than me, fewer bingo players at the table and I get more satisfaction when I manage to win a few chips.

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While it is nice to get easy chips from worse players, it is much more rewarding to win them from a better player. As well, better players make me play better and I learn from watching them. That said, sitting at a table where you lose nearly every hand or everyone but you has ten million plus chips (in the bank) and you only have a few hundred thousand, is not a lot of fun. I personally like a mix of similar and better.

WORSE!!! but ya’ll crusherz 2 good I’m always da worst at da table :nauseated_face: finna find me a site swimmin’ wif fish hohoho

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i absolutely like all of them, but i would probably go for worse with real money poker (as it’s obviously teh way to make money). but on replay i would defenitely go with the better players since it’s the most fun IMO. i just like a big challenge when playing poker, and besides that, they are the players you can learn most from. and both of those things are most fun to me.

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I think it depends on your reason for playing in the 1st place. If you are looking for a social game to pass time, I’d think having players of similar skill would be attractive. If you were playing for profit, then you would want to be one of the more skilled players at the table. If you are playing to learn, then playing with players more skilled than yourself may be appealing.

Of course relative skill levels don’t tell the whole story - you have to talk about styles as well. If you are looking to relax, you may not want to be on a hyper-aggressive table. If you want to let off some steam and release your inner-maniac, then you probably do want players willing to give you action. Low variance players don’t like playing with high-variance ones … In ring games you have the opportunity to look at a table before you join or switch tables if the one you’re on isn’t doing it for you. In tournaments, the table you are seated on is the one you’re stuck with, for better or worse.


How do you know they’re skills are better than yours? Playing different players will always help make a persons game better in the long run.

Through observation, experience and notes. Every “new” opponent is a challenge, and even the old, “known” opponents change as they learn to react to the fellow players–including you, LOL. Sorry, but there is no reliable shortcut. You’ve just got to do it the old fashioned way.

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I said better because I’m here to learn. But right now I need to play against some worse so I can build my bankroll back up to play the best.

Playing against worse players can cause laziness that weakens your game (although it can be good practice for how to win at a high rate).

Similar is a tricky one because who can really say who is similar to them? The are so many different styles.


good honest answer…rare for a poker player…lol