Poker tournaments

in the tournament game table in the top right corner is a bit cluttered,isnt there a way to make it not so cluttered,i liked it before just when it had only number of players left-it would also be nice to see player stats icon in tournament games like the one in ring games

Thanks for the feedback SteveZ, so you’re right it is a bit cluttered. In fact the whole table design needs an overhaul. We intend to tackle that next year when we switch from Flash to HTML5 technology for the table. In the meantime it’s not worth the effort it takes right now to make changes to the Flash table (it’s horribly cumbersome).

As for Stats at the table, unfortunately they’ve not been reliable, and so we took the tough decision to pull them altogether when we rolled out the upgrade to player notes. We didn’t take this lightly, but showing at time inaccurate stats to players in our mind was inexcusable. They’ll be making a re-appearance next year with the new HTML5 client, when we’ll start calculating them server-side rather than as we have been doing it via the game client.