Poker technology

well, i think you are all narrow minded.
i think if it cost real money to buy chips…then
a player should win points for the purpose to buy chips…otherwise…it
looks as if its a a money making conn.

So I guess they should lease server space and office space, pay heating, lighting, and cooling bills, hire managers and devs and IT guys and customer support, and do this all out of pocket, with no way to make back their investment, let alone make a profit, or else it’s a con?

You do understand that Replay Poker is a business, right?

How many years do you think it took them to build a big enough customer base to even cover their operating costs? How many years to dig themselves out of that initial hole? Egad.

You should start a business and see what it’s like.


Then anything anyone buys for entertainment that returns no money back is a scam.

If you want to see a real con in action try paying to see a movie in a theater.

as it stands, then it is not right to call it a free play poker site…
two options is better than none.
buy chips with real money or second option purchase chips through accumulating winning points in special tournaments.

It’s a free site because you don’t have to buy chips. Yes, you can, but you don’t have to.

I spent $20 when I first started here, got something like 600k chips. This let me play the medium stakes tournaments faster than grinding it out. I have never bought chips since, and now have over 55 million… all through winning medium stakes tournaments.

Sorry, but I don’t get the point you’re trying to make.


not every poker player would class themselves as lucky as you…sunpowerguru. i quite dont understand why you cant see my point of view.

i say this is the very best poker site on the net.
introducing a point system …would benefit the poker site.
creating special tournaments with a point system would increase popularity on the site.
the tournaments at the moment are practically all the same, each tournament just has a different name to differ them.
point system tournaments would be most challenging for every poker player.

There are weekly and monthly leaderboards for each type of tournament where the top finishers are awarded chip prizes over and above those won at the tables. You can find these on the promotions page. First 20/best 20 played are amongst these leaderboards and are hotly contested from what I hear. There are also private leagues you may qualify to join and thus add a bit of extra spice to your daily play.
You may also set yourself challenges to accomplish in a day and this can be fun if you get your poker buddies involved. Actually, if you’re ok with this, I would like to set your first challenge. Win a freeroll tournament and use the winnings as buy-in to a second tournament which you also win. You must achieve both wins within 24 hours.
Good luck and play well,
The sinner…

Just for the record, I don’t class myself as lucky at all.


A business is a business is a business. Businesses are not in the business of losing money. It doesn’t matter how much Replay Poker makes, it’s non of your business. If it bothers you than start your own damn poker site !!!

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Perhaps could you explain how this would be different to what is on the site today? It seems to me that today there are many freeroll tournaments that you can enter without needing to get chips first.

Plus play chips are already a type of points - it’s not like you can spend them.

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as i have already stated introducing a new tournament would be much more challenging than the same boring tournaments that are presented at the moment.

I don’t think I am narrow minded, I just didn’t understand what you were suggesting. I still don’t, but whatever. I guess I must be rather dim-witted.

No, I don’t work for Replay. I suspect that most shills work for actual money, not play chips.

I don’t attribute my success at poker to luck. I have spent years studying the game and what it takes to win, and decades playing to gain the experience needed to be a halfway decent poker player.


So a new tournament that is free to enter and you can win points that you then use to buy chips? Please can you explain how that would be better than the tournaments that are there now that are free to enter and you win chips?

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@6ixpence ,

I’m in agreement with @love2eattacos 's above post.

Your post in #6 states, “… point system tournaments would be most challenging for every poker player.”

Can you provide an example of what you are thinking for a new tournament?

In other words, what is a point system tournament?

If you can’t describe a point system tournament example maybe provide a reference to another activity that uses a point system.


i have already explained.
i cant help that if u are illiterate in understanding the benefits.

playing in tournaments to advance up the ladder to achieve high points to reach a destination to purchase a number of chips. basic and simple method. this method or option is a lot more difficult and a lot more challenging than simply playing to gain easy chips.

Wasn’t PKR a real money site?

On a play chip site, I’d still like to know how your point system would work.

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I am having trouble understanding because you haven’t explained anything. You have just said that it would be “different” and “more challenging” but not explained how it would work or why that would be better.

I suggest that you stop calling people names and try making your proposed tournaments clearer.


yeah like this one.