Monthly Membership Version of Replay

Monthly Membership Version of Replay

Many members have complained about the inflation that happens on a free chip poker site and how that makes ranks meaningless and leads to alot of bingo style players so here is an idea I have considered and I will push it up to Replay management for consideration after I get your feedback.

Replay would offer a new version of their already developed website but this would require a monthly membership purchase instead of buying chips.

The membership fee should be kept reasonable and I suggest $5 a month or $50 if you pay for an entire year up front.

For that you get all the great features that exist on Replay and you would get a monthly allowance of $100K at the first of the month. Table stakes for higher stakes tables can be adjusted accordingly.

Because this eliminates people buying a stack to get a higher rank the stacks would show an accurate skill assessment and ranking and would likely eliminate bingo players so it would feel much more like real money poker.

Replay can still keep the free chip site but offer this as a version for more serious players.

This would also be something other poker websites are not offering so would be a selling point for Replay and might actually bring in more revenue than the free chip site because people that belong to a membership exclusive club tend to stay around longer and so do the friends they invite.

So please leave feedback on this idea and if you would be interested in this version and any suggestions for perks to go with this version in the comments.


can i pay for my membership with chips?


someone brought up the same subject a few months bake, maybe it was u bigdog, and we got no feedback from replay or many members. i think because their profits would be less doing this cause 100k chip allowance included is already more costly to buy them then the 5 bucks a month, they make their money mostly on players buying 1 mill and up chips, 250 bucks and up, so the 5/50 buck plan would cut into their profits a good deal. they are here also to make money so dont know how that would work where everyone benefits.

ClubWPT has a membership poker system like I described however they also offer cash prizes up to $100K each month and membership starts at $19.95 a month.

I couldn’t find out how many players they have on average but I will do some more research.

Note: I do not work for any poker business and this is not a recommendation and just for my own research.

making a few more coins from far fewer ppl is dumb… I bet 60% of the players here would just find another place to play if they had to do a subscription… If I wanted to download a poker site, and pay fees… I wouldn’t be @ Replay… I also remember, Florida, reading Replay’s bread-butter payee is the 5-20$ range for what less than 100k in chips, in a forum acticle over a year ago…

One of the problems is ppl @ other sites have zillions of chips, and buying chips there (1m) is a drop in the bucket, so if Replay tried to match thier offers for chips, @ say 1m , that makes sense… Unintended consequences are just that, 99 cents for 1m chips even made me think about it, prob is it severely dilutues the value of what ppl have spent years here just trying to win.

What if there was a special for, 99.99, and that got you 1 billion chips… all of a sudden ppl like unranked and idiotplayer would be swamped with fish, and in no time @ those players would be @ 500 billion …

I think some poker sites capitalize on ppl who just wanna say, wow I just won a hand for 1m chips… in the last 12 months I remember a poker site launching, and advertized 1million in chips for just sign’n up … but in reality its like the current RingGameChallange… no matter what stakes level your @, its about how many BB you win… Conversely, the daily bonus here is 2500, it could be 25 million, but every player here would just have a few more zero’s on the end of thier bankroll… I agree with Floridajetski and others about chip-inflation, and ( I think ) Replay would not survive if they switch to a subscription based system. There won’t be 1k MTTs, those will end up 100k MTTs… 1/2 tables won’t be lowest … all you’ll see is a 1k/2k table as TheDuckPond as lowest.

When you run a free site you always do things differently than a pay site, you don’t just fix a problem on a free site by saying, ohh now were a pay site…


Maybe read the post again:

I never suggested Replay get rid of their free chip site and this would be a VIP version for serious players to eliminate the inflation and bingo players and would feel more like real money poker with accurate rankings.

Thanks for the feedback!

The site you mentioned gets about 250,000 visitors a month. 96.6% of these are from the USA. They are ranked #70 globally in the category “Gambling-poker.”

For contrast, Replay gets about 1.2 million visitors a month, with 55.8% from the USA. They are ranked #12 globally in the category “Gambling-poker.”