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well u would be wrong on all u said bulldog, except for u appreciating my rating of u even tho i cant rate u unless u are on the table playing for quite some time. as u stated we all have our own opinions, some are light, some are strong or more heavily opinionated. maya said many times that we are debating this topic, if u wanna scroll up and look go right ahead. so she brought and invited all of us to the debate, it touched me a bit when she said that because i am trying to stick up for all the players that are ranked high, way higher than me that have earned all of their chips and havnt bought, sticking up for the fact that they played many years and endless hours to earn their rank, more than u can imagine, playing very skilled and won hundreds if not thousands of games to get there. i think the last thing they want are any random player that most likely is less skilled than they are to rank a star next to them. it is an insult to them to have most players that dont have the skill or knowledge level of the game to give them an accurate rating. bulldog u mention in ur 1st post that u are by no means a pro, in fact u said u are an amateur. do u think u are capable of rating highly skilled and highly ranked players a star when u are learning the fundamentals of the game still. maybe it would be good to do just for low stake players, other than making them feel good or bad about their stars i dont think it would improve their game. so just sticking up for the high ranked players that earned all their chips and rank to not have any random player at any skill level to give them a possible 1 or 2 stars when in fact they should get 6 stars. they deserve a better system than stars that are meaningless to them.

If only you were this polite and gave such explanation of your opinion from the start. Unfortunately you weren’t.
And this is just another post that shows you’re way off the point and have no understanding of the proposed system.

When people rate a movie they’ve watched, it’s not because they are all directors and movie experts. The movie could still win an Oscar because of how great it was (ranking) and still be rated by everyone who has seen it (rating).

When university students rate their professors, it’s not because they are more experts than they are. The professor could have the best degrees and experience (ranking) and still be rated by students (rating).

Contestants on talent shows, singing for example, can be judged by a panel of experts (ranking) and still have millions of spectators calling and voting, spectators who are neither talented nor experts in the field.

Having a ranking system that shows your skill, and a rating system that shows how others rate you, are two different things, and they can go together. One doesn’t cancel the other.

You’re obviously worried that all your hard work to make all your millions would be tainted by a bad rating from others. Same for higher ranking players. Well, why worry? If someone is a good player, why wouldn’t they be confident that everyone will give them a good rating? I don’t see any high ranking player getting bad rating from others at all. That is just your own phobia. Even lesser skilled players will see how good you are. People are not as vindictive and evil as you portray them. We all enjoy playing against good players, and very very few would not admit they are good, even if they don’t understand the game as perfectly.

But hey, don’t let my constant explanations about how the suggested system works stop you from posting more derisive comments. You don’t like the idea, I get it. To be honest, after all the debates, I’m not so sure I like it anymore either. But if you could have just expressed your opinions more respectfully, and stuck to the actual point of the whole idea without diverting to unrelated issues, that would have been fantastic.

Thank you @Bulldog9512 for your kind posts.


maya u need to go up and look at my 1st respectful post on my opinion of ur idea, i even said it was a good thought, just didnt think it would work. Now read your reply/response to my post. From the start of ur 1st sentence of your reply u just went on attack mode, an insulting attack mode to say the least, and u didnt stop, u rambled on and on trying to debate ur idea was good, instead of respecting someone taking the time to reply to ur post u go into attack mode if they disagree with u, and u dont stop. You just love to argue is all. i was stating factual poker information and reality of all aspects of the game. You obviously have temper issues if u go on and on with attacking someone elses opinions. Then take it so far as to post a duck song, another insult. what do u expect people say when they are in the defense mode with u all the time. if u wanna argue then u shouldnt have started a post and insult and attack ones opinions of the topic of your own post and should respect ones opinions. i truly hope your star system works for u but i dont think it will matter for most others… i dont think on high stake and elite tables that anyone cares about having that just from being on those tables and knowing most of the players. Some of them might even laugh at it. just keeping it real and telling u how it is. maybe try it on low stake only, for a trial period before taking it to medium and up, that might work for starters. gradually implement it up the stake levels, just a thought :slight_smile:

We obviously have different understandings of what “attack mode” is, and who attacked whom. Luckily, there are plenty of other posters in this thread who have already agreed that you were the one attacking and I was the one defending. But it’s ok, if you felt like you were the victim of “an insulting attack mode to say the least”, then maybe it was just a misunderstanding on your part. Thanks for taking the time to reply and wish you all the best. Viel Glück (oops! wrong thread again).

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wow, what a dry sense of humor, i present my opinions, u cant accept and attack, i go into defense mode and state facts, u go into attack mode , i go in defense mode and state opinions and facts. u attack with a duck, i go on defense mode, i post a cute donkey video and u attack not the one in forums here 24/7 im on tables playing. maybe u should try a game and get ur frustrations out on the tables instead of living in the forums. gee i wonder how many stars we will give each other in your new system, see i told u the star rating wouldnt work.

He has a great post-flop style but you can’t dance to it so I give him a 3 :slight_smile:

How’s this thing supposed to go again? I forget with all the other stuff going on. This thread may be the best argument against letting players publicly rate other players.


Now I agree :slight_smile:


Carry on !!


You’re a bit late Sharon. I’m about to ask them to close the thread, before florida floods it with more of his “poor victim defenses” :joy:

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1Warlock i agree with u, this thread might be the best argument for not letting players rate other players, i tried to tell maya that the 1st day in my 1st response but she didnt listen. she coulda just ended the thread and be done with it and start another idea and post and the new system coulda been started by now. Instead all wasted time for a fun/creative idea that just isnt suitable or would work on a poker site. I would love to get my 5 stars so i can go on an omaha table to lose my chips while having a high star rating. hmmm, royal,omaha,rings,sitngos,MTT we need an all around average star rating for each player on all those games to be precise and have a full accurate rating so we dont falsify our play with our stars when we are on differnt game tables.

Bad, bad Maya.

maya i actually came here to recruit u into our Donk league we started, its for players ranked under 1k for high ranked players, thats why i had the donk video to post. would u be interested? i havnt looked at ur profile yet to see if u qualify. let me know if u do and i could add u as a member. im always recruiting and playing and hardly in the forums, never knew forums here existed til few months ago and ive been on replay for 6 years :slight_smile:

I’m sorry florida, I’m on the forums 24/7 and don’t have time for leagues. But thanks for the offer :+1:

your welcome, i just checked and u are far from qualifying to join, i didnt know that, thought u would, those werent my rules so i cant change the 1k and under rank thing so will keep u in mind in the future tho, thx

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Of course they’re not your rules. And you fought very hard against them didn’t you? When the founder of the league asked whether or not he should allow players ranked over 1000, you very kindly said:

So I know very well where you stand and what your opinion is Mr Elite. Please do not try to pretend the opposite :wink:
You were very influential in deciding the rules. But it’s ok, I’m a Community Forums girl who likes to play for fun with people who are not obsessed with their ranks and who like to have fun with others from all ranks. So you enjoy your games and I’ll enjoy my time with my friends on the forums and at poker tables.

It might be helpful to concentrate on the suggestion and leave personality analysis out of it.

“I don’t like the IDEA because it would be hard to implement in a way that makes the rating useful” is one thing…

“I don’t agree, and you’re a moron for suggesting such a stupid idea in the first place” is something else altogether.

The first example promotes a useful exchange of ideas, the second doesn’t.


Absolutely. Same goes for:

“I don’t think it’s a great idea. I don’t like it personally”


“This idea is RIDICULOUS, will never work, and everybody hates it, and I have to defend everybody against it”

The first example is a respectful statement of opinion, the second one isn’t.

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Thanks to Maya- for the interesting suggestion, and to all who contributed their own thoughts on a player rating system. It’s food for thought for us for the future! Since we’ve stepped away from the original topic, I’m closing out this thread.