Multiple leaderboards?

Some of us are cash game grinders. Some of us are tournament junkies. Some go for high-risk bankroll boom-and-bust while others prefer the low-stakes, slow-growth style. What if, along with total bankroll, we rank players based on tournament performance, for instance? Badges are nice, but it would also be nice for people to compete for % of entered tourneys won, etc. Thoughts?


I agree that some players can compete with the best with fewer games played in the Yearly-monthly-weekly leaderboards etc… I would like to know whom outperforms most in card play if possible.

Welcome to the Forums, HabronLupine. Enjoy the games and good luck at the tables.

Great idea! I agree. I don’t wish to see the current rank system changed but I wold like to see an additional new rank for MTT players & SnG players as you suggest.

The Top List has nothing related to related to SnG or MTT. Even a Top Ten for MTT biggest cashes would be interesting.

Even a way for the system to label players a ring, MTT or SnG player would be interesting.

Current systems always reward the players that put in a ridiculous amount of volume and finish in the money but many of these super high volume players are not profitable. This system is good for the site because these players spend a decent amount on buying chips. The current system is good to stay because it does specifically help the site be more profitable and it also rewards players that do want to put in super high volume and be on the top of the list.

An additional system or leaderboard for SnG & MTT maybe like win/loss ratio or ROI for the LOW, MED & HIGH stake MTTs & SnGs would be something I’d like to see. A Top 100 list of most profitable players that dont need to put in super high volume to get rewarded.

It could also be for specific & limited or select SnG & MTT games only.

Score could simply be cash won - buy ins.

I’m not entirely sure the best way to score etc, but I deff like the idea.