High Stakes Multi Table Tournament Monthly

I am being lobbied by many SnG high level players about starting a MTT High Stakes monthly Leader Board (right now we only have Medium and Low).

My guess is that it just may be the next big move to make and puts the MTTs on the same level with the SnGs, meaning to complete the manifest destiny by creating High Stakes Monthly Leader Board.

The games that I am led to believe would join the new union called MTT High Stakes would be:

50K 2:30AM
50K 7:30AM
125K 12:30PM
50K 2:30PM
100K 4:30PM
250K 8:30PM
100K 10:30PM

I know there will be a large contingent of SnG High Stakes players because 10 or 15 need to go elsewhere when they complete their 60 game cycle. This would be a natural rollover.

The other big rollover will be the high stakes ring players that will be attracted not just to the monthly bonus but the low investment to win high amounts of chips.

I wish I had acted earlier but this could start immediately and by mid January you could have a full blown division.

This will also draw new players to the site.


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Hi Scratch,

A monthly leaderboard for high stake multi table tournaments is plannend.

Happy New Year!

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We have many hight stake tourney alreadyy in MTT , just points go to MTT mediums stake leadboard :slight_smile: And we have many very good MTT players as well to play it :slight_smile: Sorry, just i hate Sit and Go, they think that they are only good players on here :slight_smile:

For sure i agree there are many very good and serous (multi table) tournament players on the site, the low and medium stakes tournaments are very well crowded, site is still growing, more players on the site and more players with a high stake bankroll. The time is there to add more high stake MTTs (above the 50K buy-in) and to start soon with a leaderboard for the high stake tournaments.

There were also requests for more (and higher) Omaha (Hi/Lo) and Royal tournaments.

First a new daily tournament schedule and than the adjustments at the leaderboards:)

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Yes, site is growing, a year ago when i had 0 chips in my bank, my stake was over 4000, now when i have 0 chips in my bank, my stake are over 6000. Its looks like site double up for one year… Also i met many very good players during “From Christmas to New Year” promotion like Varunn and Rahn was real challenge for me :slight_smile: Also i love a new tourney “Weekend on Fire” its very difficult to play there, all good players from all over site are playing there, its enjoyful, i didnt win any for now, but i really enjoye this tourney when i play, sooooo diffficult :slight_smile: Now im wining Omaha Hi/LO, i ranked 1rst of 190 player one time :))) AND ALL THANK YOU HAPPI as you showed me a instruction how to play it, its halped me a lot. I can win Royal also, its not difficult. I like that here is so many diffirent tipes of tourneys, B B + Rebuy are very different, first 20 minutes need play all - in every hand to get chips, and after break starts poker, many people still dont understan how to play it, they play poker until blind are hight, and go all - in becouse they have no chips and blind are hight, but they do it after break when you cannot rebuy, need do it befor break with every hand, until you get 5-12 K chips befor break to play poker :)))

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