Remove people who haven't played in a month from rankings

It seems to me that the ranking system seems inflated and I don’t think that there are really a million players. It would be nice to see a more accurate comparison against each other and we would be able to know how many members there are.


How about #1… he has 900000000 plus chips. He is 19 years old. My bet is he inherited a lot of money and bought almost all of the chips. When I looked he had not appeared in a week.

Maybe he’s a witch! Let’s see if he floats. :slight_smile:


I do not care very much…



i liike the theory behind your idea. but because now and then people will log in from time to time and people will also have moments (or longer) that they won’t log in, what means this way your ranking will change up and down the whole time. besides of that you have not really a clear idea how much people are in the ranking in total. simply said when you see your rank you have still no idea where you are while that is actually what you want to prevent.

Only 896,260,375 to go. Best start playing something other that 5/10 ring games and freeroll.

Birba11 not buying chips, he is an extrimely smart one, he play super high tables on ring games and he dont need be online everyday , one time per month is enought.

Not a good idea at all. People
may have a break for 3-6 month or

You must be from another country. A 19 year old could not possibly have that much only playing once a week.

Today he only has 7,490,655,255 left, he was on earlier paying for 500,000 to 1,000,000 per hand.

hello folks :slight_smile:
can i help you?
for any question, don’t hesitate to ask me (in order to let me give you an answer to any of your curiosity) :wink:
cheers, see you around!

p.s. SunPowerGuru: well, I float very often (on the flop) buttt… don’t ask me to jump from a skyscraper because… you know, i won’t be flying/floating in the air for a very long time xD


Birba, congratulations on your accomplishments. FYI, tried many times to get RoughPokers to play either SnGs or MTTs to only a silent voice. I will ask you the same question: Do you agree with me that the best thing you could do would be to dedicate your time and expertise, perhaps, to one MTT per week or even per month so that those interested in either watching you play and/or asking questions of you could also join and compete against you?

This would benefit the site tremendously and at the same time probably be a lot of fun for you.



Yeah Scratch, this would benefit the site and also give the opportunity to players from low stakes to emerge.
I would propose something like a final battle where: top players of the month in the MTT and SNG leaderboard compete vs the “top 10 best player, toplist” in a MTT and a SNG final game.

Birba, I think that would be the cat’s meow! Knowing some of the toplist I can see a few balking but I think it would be a great feature and we would get hundreds, if not thousands watching this spectacle… would be a great event for all. Great idea! Paul, Thibault, Ash, Happy, Gould, Finn… yes???


Sounds like fun !

Interested…Where do I sign up? Never gonna get any better unless you lose some to the best! If you build it, they will come.

I played with RoughPokers heads up on sit and go several times, he is an very good one too.

While the idea certainly sounds interesting, I imagine that it might be a bit of a nightmare trying to get multiple players to agree on the time due to obvious geographical differences. With that said, I would be glad to participate, supposing that it isn’t too inconvenient.

Regarding Scratch’s comment on “asking questions” to any of those in the toplist, simply speak in the chat while any of us are playing. Most of us would be happy to respond. (However, I have found out first hand that one is unable to send a personal message to persons not in a friend list. Also, while alone on a table, the player does not receive any notifications in chat if he or she is tabbed out. For instance, I have missed many messages in this manner. Replay could consider looking into these features.)

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2Outs4u, Thanks for chiming in on this; good to know you are on board. We learned at Poker Academy that Stilly’s Tournament on Sundays at 3PM Eastern was the most popular time that met European, South African, American, and in some cases part of Asia. My guess is the timing is an easy ReplayPoker problem as they have loads of data. We created the Asian, European, and American tournaments with best timing in mind and as a matter of fact there are numerous folks who manage to play many of all three tournaments.