Play 2 SnG's & 4 hole cards produce a pair 90% of time

I was just wondering why when a player plays 2 SnG’s at one time that his hold cards match up almost every time…example of hold cards K4 & 9K, 92 & 22, Q6 9Q, j10 & 5J, A7 &A3 and so on. It is entirely predictable. Happens almost every time, somewhere in the 88 to 95 % of hole cards dealt to both games. It is not possible to deal 4 cards and have a pair every single time…and I mean almost every time. If a person dealt 4 cards he could only pair up somewhere is the range of 10 to 15%, if that much. To deal 4 cards and 2 of them pair up 90% of time is entirely impossible. It must have to do with a sequence of numbers being dealt to a player and when he plays 2 games at once that sequence falls for both games. Not that it matters much or I really care, just pure curiousity. I have had other players notice this. A player called “sweetea” noticed it also and mentioned it to me. I have tried dealing 4 cards to see if I can hit a pair and it is a very low percentage but playing two games and getting 4 hole cards, I get a pair almost EVERY time. Its just not possible so I am curious why it happens almost without fail. Please indulge me and respond. By the way, replay is a great site. The best free chip site available, no doubt and I thank you for that. GREAT STAFF AS WELL ! Thank you, plazpoker

Send some hand number-link (in the row) you noticed that. Tx