Suited flops

in the last month i noticed suited flops about 4 out of 9

.if you play 90 hands about 38 have suited flops .is there any way to mix cards better

Suited Flops only occur when I get a set or two pair on the flop. Most the time the turn or river produce the flop suit. Ofc I do not have the suit in question.

Just four different types of cards, it is not weird 2 suited on the flop.

55% of all flops are 2-suited. 5% of the time they are 3 suited. So are you saying you expect there to be more suited flops or less? (Since 38 out of 90 is 42%, compared to the 55% expected)

The OP meant the 42% too high , but as Paul said its actually in this short measurement of the op , actually a tad bit lower then average. Just write it down to who may confused by this " relatively " high % .