Plants, Gardens, Cuttings--All the Feels!

I don’t have a green thumb, but I sure do like gardens and plants and bouquets. Here’s my share for today on this topic. These Towers of Jewels take two years to mature, then blaze in bee-glad gorgeousness, then die, having self-seeded the ground around them so it’ll all happen again. So–what can you share to bring spring-time to the tables?
Tower o jewels


Wow, that’s pretty! What are they?

Echium wildpretii, commonly known as tower of jewels or red bugloss, is a biennial or short-lived perennial that is native to volcanic slopes on Tenerife Island in the Canary Islands where it is commonly found at elevations of 4,200 to 6,500 feet.

My quiet place, I sit here on my patio and enjoy the flowers and watching the birds feeding at the tables. This was taken last June, and the agapanthus in the central pot was still in bud:


Sorry. Nothin’ much grows in Axel’s yard…any season.


I see you’ve planted the dog, which may be “fruitful.” lol


We have lots of different kinds of rock roses (cistus) in our yard. We love them because they are so easy to care for. A professional landscaper in Vancouver, B.C., gave us this advice: “Leave them alone! They can suffer from lack of neglect. Don’t fertilize them, seldom water them. They will thrive for at least five years.” Ours have continued to thrive for nearly 15 years. That’s my kind of gardening!