Pic application

Tried to change my avatar today and got the message " this application is not available"
Wats up?

After reading your message, I tried it and it worked fine. Perhaps you should simply try again, or perhaps it’s your system that doesn’t want to cooperate at the moment?

I have tried several times and just rebooted my laptop and still a no go.
On the upside,it did let me remove my pic lol.
Thanks Jan for trying.

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I’m not a techie. Maybe someone will weigh in who knows more than I do!
Hoping–and good luck Nic!

Seems i’m having the same problem Nic

You have to make sure the picture is a .jpg, if not just rename the pic by right clicking on the picture and clicking rename, then type in .jpg
That should work… Doll :slight_smile:

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All of my pics are .png format, so I know they work too. Just changing the file extension won’t change the format though, so not too sure that would work. :slight_smile:

If you want to change the file type, open it in some graphics program, then save it as whatever type you want. This should make it a valid file.

According toi Replay’s help page, “The file must be smaller than 5MB in size and we accept JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats.”


For me,

just like playing the new HTML Games,

it now ONLY WORKS with one browser, (Chrome)

but not the other (Firefox)

stupid, stupid, stupid

(I hate being told what browser I must use to do something)

Why don’t you use my picture on the posts I make? Its just the generic I in the orange circle.

Log out of the forum, then log back in. This should force an update of your pic.

(I use the shortcut: shift + z, shift + z to log out)

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