My picture doesn't match

Hi there,when I change my picture it loads but the pic I loaded doesn’t match at the table with the lobby,why is that?

I change my pic quite a bit and this is what works for me - just refresh the screen and the pic seem to migrate through. I have no idea why or how this does the trick but it does.

Thank You 1warlock I have tried that,the pic in the upper right corner in lobby and the one when I am seated match but players have told me that when they look at the table in the lobby a different one show.

Well, we have just about exhausted my technical abilities. Only 2 other things I try to fix a problem before calling someone in - logging in and out and yelling at the screen :slight_smile: I’m sure someone will be around to help you out. Sorry the easy didn’t do it.

Thank you for trying it is much appreciated…

This might be dumb to ask but after you upload your new pic do you click on "update " at the bottom ?

Also I find that if you stand and leave the table, when you rejoin the pic updates on the table.

It’s true. I have friends with one pic on the profile but another one appearing in the lobby (and only in the lobby). It’s weird. Sorry I wish I had an answer, but all I got is a confirmation of your issue.

yes of course I do :wink:

Thank you Maya,at least I now know it’s not just me lol

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log out of the lobby and log back in. Your pic will update as you log back in. The same thing happens if you change your name.

Hey Reddy68 did you get your problem fixed yet?


I’, afraid i’m not making myself clear lol. I have done everything everyone suggested here but I think my community doesn’t understand what I mean. I am NOT talking about the table pic when I am sitting playing,i’gl at the tables
Reddym talking about when u are seated and you go look at tables in the lobby sometimes the seats appear and you can see who is sitting there. When I do this the pic at that table is not the same.
Say i’m seated at Amazonian 3 and look into the lobby at amazonian3 and look I am looking at a different pic…Get It? lol I think this is making me nuts…the only time all 3 pics look the same is when I use the renaissance pic of me and my sweetie girl.Maybe it is just that Replay prefers that pic :wink:

I’ll try to help you explain as well :slight_smile:
To know what Reddy means, you have to have him (or the person in question) on your friends list. Once you do, when you go to the lobby (tournaments or sit n go or ring games), you can see small thumbnails of any friends you have that are joining the game. These are the pics Reddy is talking about.
My friend has a pic on her profile. When I’m playing with her at the same table, and I click on her name, the same pic shows. But when I go to the lobby and I see her signed up to one of the tourneys, her pic is different there.
Does that make any sense?


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Huh! This one is stumping me. @Reddy68, could you please try just a couple of things? If they don’t work, I’m going to bug our tech team and see what on our end could be causing it.

  1. Please clear your cache. If you’ve never done that before, here are some step-by-step instructions for each browser:

  2. Did that do it? If not, please try a different browser. Any other browser. Let me know if it still happens on the second one, and which two you used.

Hopefully we can get this figured out for you!

Hi Fizzy,i did what you asked and it didn’t help :frowning: I tried with chrome and on my laptop with Edge …
just logged on to Replay now sat at a table looked in the lobby at the table and saw myself sitting there(looking quite beautiful) lol but a different pic. Don’t worry about bugging anyone it is not a big deal…I know its me there hahah

Thanks for trying, Reddy! It’s obviously not a game-breaking bug, but I’m curious enough to find out what might be causing it and if there’s an easy fix. Will see what I can learn. :slight_smile:


Hey @Reddy68 - good news! Our tech manager looked into this and found that, for some reason, you had two avatars in our database. He deleted the extra one, so now all your pictures should match. We’ll be seeing how we can fix this bug to prevent people from having two avatars in our back end.

Thanks for reporting this!