New Format is great WTG way to go

i like the new format its clean and easy to read and easy to find things…WTG REPLAY …keep up the good work

Woot! That’s great to hear… and it’s only going to get better. Unlike before when we only changed things once every X years, now we’ll be making small improvements constantly.

Sorry, but I don’t really like the new format, it’s harder to read & see the photos that the people upload.

True there is some nice about it, but over all I wish I could stay with the old format.

Thanks for the feedback RockportTX. By the photos, do you mean in the lobby on the profile pages? On the profile page you can click on their photo to get the full-sized image.

Text is harder to read on a dark background, but we’ve tried to use lots of color and texture to make up for it. Plus at night, a darker screen is easier on the eyes. Hopefully you’ll adjust to it, if you have any specific suggestions please do share, as we’re constantly making small improvements.

I like the new look beautiful also overview is clear.Maybe an option to add a few models tables to add that players set up to his wish. Color and Model as on other sites. Cheers