Artwork, pages that dont Exsist

While discussing the community forums, links to said pages, and higher visibility with Craig, a ficticious Dashboard page was created. Tweaks were necessary and have been completed… giving us the following page.

Upgrades include… Buttons from account dropdown incorporated into top header making everything a 1-click… “Forum” ( only 6 letters ) also incorporated into header for in-ur-face visibility. All 3 types of games are shown, and all have quickplay buttons. Both Latest and Hot Community Topics are shown and with better visibility higher on the column. “Game Activity” now works for all 3 types of games, user selectable.

Then a post was resurrected about Leagues, and the following 3 pages emerged…

Mr. Replay is right, this would be a great system to implement. I do think there are possible tweaks but you get the basic jist of a mgmt system, that takes into account what things are offered and what aren’t already, and just gives those as choices for the managers.

From there, I was bound and determined to see what I could come up with for the lobby.

(and the corresponding button layouts for the varied lobbies)

Because on the current page layout there is alot of wasted space in the lower right quadrant, I re-posistioned the Table/Info box up on the page, that gave me perfect real estate for the new selector layouts… on the varried 3 lobbies. Take note, all check-offs now exsist for all 3 lobbies. The promotions selector offers greater flexibility in selection. By targeting to the Nth degree what the player wants to see… there will be less lag thru out, less bandwidth comming from the servers, and better enjoyment of using the lobbies. If you notice that left me a space I didn’t know what to do with, but it came together perfectly. Just as all tables we play on have a chat, so now does the Lobby pages… Yes its the same chatbox displayed on all 3, but it does have options… so we all know the posibilities there… This layout for the Lobbies, is very user-centric and includes everything in a clean pkg.

1 other unique feature is : If you notice when you are selecting game type… you have a way to see more than 1 option by using the embedded checkbox within the dropdown selector… This is part of the way , you the user, only see’s the games you want to see, and not everything else…

Finishing the Lobbies, I turned my attention to the Toplists…

Some more great features here to expand the user experience… While the “Default” five panes will be seletable thru the “settings” page, each pane can select any of the 18 or so current panes from the toplists… From there, they could be scrolled thru by 1, 10, 100, end/beginning… and what we all prolly more care about… a line for OUR place on that board… Sure we wanna see who’s on top, but those ppl might have been playing here for 7 years, most of us schmuks will never make the top 10 of anything… this gives us a way to see whos who, and to also see where on each board we stack up.

These pages are not real… they do not exsist, they are a suggestion in/of themselves. There is 1 basic principle, click/go technology… The size of the page was determined with what currently exsists, when no more condensing takes place…

Do I know Replay is already underway on the new code … Duhh yes… so was this just a waste of time… prolly… but there might be places that things that aren’t finilaized that any good ideas here, might still get included… I just had mentioned in another thread to expect more soon… These pages are from my soul, but feel free to add comments on how they might be even better … please Enjoy…



Hi Sassy Sarah, You must have worked very hard and given a lot of thought into this post. Some of it is over my head, but I am sure others are going WOW! I am in awe that you care so much about this site that you put in that kind of work… and that is before I even begin to understand how much work it actually is. Kudos for the work, the caring and the honest interest in making this site so awesome. Cindy (Cyn51)


Thank you for considering my input. Lots of work for you. The pages look great you created with the exception of the header.

IMHO there is just way too many icons which makes the header confusing to a member or player and quite busy. I want to get to where I want to go fast as do the vast majority of the Community.

My suggestion was to use the words “ Community Links “ in the header to the right of promotions with a drop down box from there with all options.

I appreciate the shout out tho and the explanation that these pages DO NOT exist and should not be looked for by members.

Best of luck.



By the time players are done looking at that,won’t be any time to play lol


Exactly :+1:t2: Not taking away from the time and quality of work at all put into this project, just my opinion that it’s way too busy for me as a player looking at it to spend that much time figuring out what does what and then I have to remember it. :flushed:

I want to play poker.

Not a hater, you all know me , read my profile , just a player and former website forum administrator giving my opinion from the outside looking in.

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I think it looks awesome, as usual. I would love to see it implemented.


Now you see, Currently Fig:1 is what we all see now… Fig 2 is when a object produces a “tooltip” or “rollover” , when a user goes over it… on the header above , all my buttons would work as Fig 2, so you would easily see and remember what buttons do what…

Old Header, New Header doesn’t matter… and they hide themselves… :sunglasses:


Wow, S_S! Great ideas. Love them and like you.

The dashboard looks crammed and crowded and not very user friendly. There is also no need to have both “Top Community Topics” and “Latest Community Topics” on there. Only 1 of them is enough; I personally prefer “Latest Community Topics” because then they will keep changing and updating. The toolbar looks jammed with icons and the vertical setup of the ring games, tournaments and SnG’s is not better looking than the current horizontal one. That’s my honest opinion.



Yes Latest & Top was a choice, the real estate was the same, so I went with both… The problem I ran into Coy was the current default sizes for things… if there was no min, then stuff wouldn’t be crowded due to the fact that … as a user made the browser window smaller, the artifacts on the screen would re-adjust thier size in relation to the page size. Basically staying un-crowded. Because the current limit has minimums, I used that as a default size to fit stuff in. Another prob is if you do re-size stuff to make it less crowded, then ppl say but I have bad eyesight, why is stuff so small… ya have to find a happy medium , then go with it.

SnGs need’d to be split out, so vertical or horizontal… you still need a grid of 9, the problem is how will any associated buttons ruin efficient use of page space for other items. Vertical allowed the buttons to eat up the least space in overall page layout… I think horizontal vs vertical is basically a preference…

The holy grail for most pages here Coy, would be user customizable sections… that can be moved around and/or hidden … In that case its almost where all users set up thier defaults, then the pages are actually generated for each user in realtime… only prob there is stupid users that could never understand that complicated of a system, even tho its the most efficient.

I do see what ur saying, and in a small way I agree it does seem a bit crowded, but that can easily be solved bu just making each artifact 10% smaller or if there were no minimums on artifact sizes… these pages are more on the layout factor than a final exact size for the items, but yes they are very close to final drafts.

I’m not dismiss’n you Coy, only explaining why stuff was done a certain way… You only mentioned the dashboard, what you think on the lobbies/toplists ?

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Try this Coy… open your browser, then grab either side and make it less wide… keep going untill a scrollbar appears @ the bottom ( current dashboard page ), then back it off so the scrollbar dissappears. thats what I did to get that default size… My current window is wider, so stuff even in my example would be further apart. Just so you understand why the “example” size is what it is…

But you notice that as you get less wide, some things re-size themselves… but @ a certain point, they stop doing that… it gets even worse if its on a phone, thats a whole diff animal than desktop/laptop users. So if it didn’t stop resizing, then I could’ve used a wider example that would stay a certain way… or as I said, just reduce all items to 90% size… but try it, you’ll see what I’m saying… not saying good/bad, just it is what it is.

sassy that is a hell of a lot of work you have done. it all looks great. I hope you get paid for it


naa Tim, and I knew that going in… wasn’t trying to get paid.

Opppps found a mistake…
Toplists page : “Searchable” should’ve been “Scrollable”, as you can scroll thru but not outright search other players.