Moving tables

This has already been discussed, but not fully. When a player is moved to a new table during a tournament he is punished, at Replay Poker, by not being allowed to play as many hands as the other players. In all of the live tournaments I have ever played, even in the WSOP in Biloxi, when a player is moved to a new table steps are taken to insure that he is allowed to play his/her next hand ASAP. Players to be moved are the next big blind at the table they are being moved from and placed in the seat that will put them at the button ASAP at the table they are being moved to. When moved to the new table you sit AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE, even if a hand is in progress. Taking your seat while a hand is in progress will have no effect on the outcome of the hand being played, but being forced to wait while that hand is being played before being allowed to sit IS A PUNISHMENT as it allows other players to see more hands. When the player is seated they are dealt into THE VERY NEXT HAND and not made to watch a hand before being dealt to, unless the seat the were placed in is between the big blind and the button. This applies to all moves during the tournament except when the final table is being seated. The idea of these rules is to insure that players are allowed to, as much as is possible, play the same number of hands as the other players in the tournament. The way your program works PLAYERS ARE PUNISHED BY BEING MADE TO SIT OUT 2 TO 3 HANDS while others are allowed to continue to see hands. There a different sets of rules in the hold’em community, but all I have ever played under do not make players wait if they are moved to a new table, they are allowed to play ASAP. CaptBarry

Hi CaptBarry,

Thanks for the feedback. You’re absolutely right, a player should stand and be sat ASAP so as not to miss any hands. Like you said they should be sat immediately at the new table and dealt cards the next hand.

So, until now, our system would wait 20 secs automatically before sitting you at a new table, this was done in order to give us time to move you over to the new table and ensure you didn’t pay antes/blinds in the meantime. Moving tables was a bottleneck in our system.

In fact this morning, coincidentally we reduced the wait from 20 secs to 10 secs, and we’re working on eliminating this wait time altogether (perhaps only a couple of secs, whilst we update the game client with the new table). The new system to eliminate this delay should go live this week, or perhaps Monday at the latest.

I think you’ll be much happy with how it works.

Best, Paul.