Constant table changes in tournaments

I love the site, I only play poker on replay but lately some things have been pissing me off. Today in a tournament I was changed tables 5 times in the first 4 minutes and this is really frustrating, because at each new table I have to wait for new rounds. Frustrating, that’s all.


Poker skill aside, it has been my experience that being in a “hot” seat is the quickest way to build your stack. So I am always disappointed when I get bumped from a hot seat and reassigned to a new table. On the other hand I am grateful for a table change when the seat I’m setting in is colder than a well diggers ass. So I’ve come to accept the frequent table reassignments because there is nothing more futile than resisting what already is.

Hi @Lethaeus if you have been moved that much for the first several minutes, it could mean that tons of players have been busted out so the system has to rebalance the tables. Please check out the article we wrote about this topic: