Mixed game MTTs

Hi all,
Enjoying playing with you all. Wondering if anyone else would enjoy playing mixed game MTTs? Based on the current games available on Replay Poker some combos I can think of include:

  • NLH/PLO/FL 0maha HL/Stud/Stud HL
  • HOSE
  • OSE

Looking forward to hearing some thoughts.


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Hi Batman1517
It’s been mentioned by a few folk, myself included, I would love to see mixed game MTTs here. I used to play HORSE and the 8 game on P’Stars and liked the variety and pace.
Here’s hoping :slight_smile:

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Hi @Batman1517 and @swamptrash,

These were brought up in the past, and I’m passing them on to the rest of the Team so they know we’re getting more demand for these types of games. We appreciate your feedback, and good luck at the tables!