Poker Strategy

It would be really nice if there was a page on replay that featured some basic strategy articles. I think alot of players would read this. I know that WPt has this option. Obviously they have more resources. But it wouldnt have to be super complicated. You could atleast feature various starting hand pyramids like the core 35 hands for ten handed play, what hands a super tight player would play, a tight, a loose and super loose. The basic principles behind a long ball, kill phil strategy and Negraneau’s small ball. I dont knwo maybe I’m the only one that loves to read this stuff? F

Easy on the kill PHIL there Fleming.:))

I think it’s a great idea. You’re right though, we don’t currently have a lot of resource, so we really depend on players on the site helping out. I’d love to completely revamp the help section and make it a fantastic resource for new and intermediate players. Do you think if we asked members to write something, they’d send us their contributions? We could then edit them and put them online, what do you think?

I’d be happy to write something!

What I think would be really nice would be some hand pyramids, but i am not exactly sure how to set that up. If there r any specific subjects youd like to have written about let me know. I am a writer by trade and have read Alot of poker books so it would be an interesting experiment for me. Let me know,

Contributions would be great! RP could edit a bit , but nice if left signo of the user.

Lets run this contrubutions for six month ( one month pre announcement), thets should give all players time and RP to work on this. I still prefer solve bug-s first tho.

say make groups “hints”

" guide"


" traps" on omaha, texas, royal, tournament Thets about 16 group, aprox ( say 10 each) thets about 160 posible hit.

Would be nice if lots of user involved !

How should I submit an article?

Fleming, that’s awesome! Please do write an article and send it via email to, that way I’ll receive it directly. Thanks =)