Lost the pot and my buy in

iwas playuing in new york central i was heads up with another player there was a 10k pot but the room froze so i dont know who won but i took 10k in the room and ended with nothing so i dont know whats going on its froze on current hand is49292735 and previous is49292720 as u can see on table theres a pot with 10036 i took 10k in the room and was heads up on the table then it took all my 10k and we dont even know who won the hand please help solve this

can nayone please loom, into this as i dont know what happened or who won but lost my chips can u explain reason why please??

Hi Ballack,

Thanks for reporting this. Indeed there was a problem yesterday and it affected the table you were playing on.

I’ve refunded half of the 10396 pot to you, and half to the player that went to showdown with you, carloinbp.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

many thanks marcos for ur help