Poker room went poof!

ok I was in a poker room not a tourney and we were all playing great and the whole room went Poof!! WTH?
was not able to refind the room back to regain playing and the the whole room in the lobby list went poof…
couldnt find it even on my last activity list to play. how does that happen?

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Hi B,

This needs to be sent in to the support team, by clicking the ? at the top of the dashboard, fill in the header, and enter. Click the contact us button at the bottom of the box, and give them all of the details, including game number, table, time, etc.

Sorry for your issue


Or, you lost your connection and whilst trying to get it back, someone else filled your seat and the table was no longer available. This may be true if you have chosen to hide full tables.

Thanks for bringing that up jujube. I have had that happen before in especially mtts when I have lost connection and the table I was on closed. I go back to the lobby and click on myself, and it takes me to the correct table.

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The connection was notl ost and there were plenty of seats for newcomers to sit in. It was just odd hat when we were ging around the table to bet afte4r flop the room went poof then room closed as I could not click on my name and roomo to reenter.
I play on PC Desktop not on an App. Shame since I was in the lead in chips but did not lose them thank goodness.
Thanks all for your replies tho!
Cya around BBQ-Thyme

Just happened to me too, did not see conclusions of hand at 242 pm est on June 12 th. If you can’t find it you don’t want to, will is a stand up guy, the rest at replay are comics

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