Lets talk about the biggest pot on replay poker!


I was witness to this great hand. I was very surprised trhece went all in here with QJ suited. Now, gamegrls call with KK is considered standard against a palyer on tilt.

But the question I pose and is a gto and theoritical question lets say two player sits down with 1 million BB. you are dealt KK and the gun goes all-in with 1000000000000 BB do you call with KK? this is the first only only hand both of you will ever play!

Ok, as for the theoretical question!

You the Hero is big blind you are dealt KK, the small Blind moves all in. You are Heads up and both of you are super deep stack blinds are 1 and 2, and both of you have 1 billion Big Blinds. This will be the only hand both of you will ever play and thats it. Do you from the big blind call this all in bet?

Let’s assume we only call with AA. Is jamming profitable with KK? 0.9976 of the time we don’t have AA and fold, SB gets 1.5 big blind. 0.0024 we do have it , giving us 82% equity. I.e. 82% chance SB loses 1b chips, 18% chance sb wins 1b chips.

So lets tally it up from SB’s perspective
0.9976 * 1.5
+0.0024 * 0.18 * 1b
-0.0024 * 0.82 * 1b

On average he will lose about 1.5million chips.

AK has even worse equity but at least blocks AA. Still not profitable. And neither are any other holdings.

Were SB restricted to fold-or-shove, he should fold everything except AA. But of course even AA should not fold as it can make more money by doing something else.

Anyway, as jamming with anything but AA is such a terrible idea, we should fold KK unless we have a population read.

This depends entirely on how big my bankroll is to the bet I’m asked to call. Also, where’s the second hand on my watch in this scenario?

that is correct! and this is proven by GTO such as piosolver.

This is a very good theoretical question because it has to do with a lot of river call or fold situation. Often times on the river you have a bluff catcher and you have to figure out if my opponent is bluffing or not!

The old school poker thinking goes like this. Poker is about psychology and history. Despite us holding KK, we don’t have any history with the player, therefore we have to fold KK!