Lets talk about Steps

Stairway to 1 Million, aka “Steps” is just over 2 months old now.

After 64 days there have been 394 Step 4 SnG awarding a 1 million chip tournament ticket. Well played to all the winners

  • One of the ideas behind this format is to offer a way to use the Streak Tickets.
  • Another is to give low stake and new players a shot at a big value tournament ticket.
  • Step 4 is pitched so that each Step 4 game generates a 1 million chip ticket for a total buy-in of 600,000 chips by the players.
  • However, Step 4 is notoriously the longest to fill, even though 100K streak tickets are available, as well as the extra value in the Step 4 prize pool.

While the Stairway to 1 million games have found a certain level, it would be interesting to find ways to increase interest in them.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might make them more playable or interesting?

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HI Chasetheriver, :slightly_smiling_face:
I think the steps promo is pretty well thought out, and I am not sure there is any way to increase participation other than to lower the barrier to entry (already very low) and/or make it easier to progress. I am not sure either of those options are compatible with what I understand to be the spirit of the game and the challenge of the progression through the steps. Anyone can get a weekly entry to step 4 with a streak ticket, all one has to do is take the very difficult step of logging in every day. :smiley:
The only suggestion I can offer at this time is to add a second place prize to step 4 (perhaps a step 4 ticket???)… I am sure that a second place prize for step 4 was rejected for some reason during the planning and development of this promo but perhaps the idea could be revisited. It really sucks to make it all the way to step 4, get second place, and walk away with nothing (yes, experience talking :grinning:). I do want to say, I really enjoy the steps games, the level of play is high and I have made a few friends playing them. Great concept!


Hi @Chasetheriver :+1:

I believe the promotion was very well developed and implemented. I think there is a great interest in the step series platform. However players want to join any game as soon as possible without waiting for 15-30 minutes and have a chance at a prize.

Two suggestions, that I think will increase interest would be the following;)

Step 4 payout

1st place, Million ticket

2cd place, 100 K tourney ticket

3rd place, step 1 ticket

Make it easier for the players to get together in the step 4 games. Everyone that has that step 4 ticket wants to play the game, but cant get together at the same time to fill the seating.

Set a specific time for step 4 to be played every 3 or 4 hours, daily with early registering as in MTT’s. I believe it would also increase the interest in all steps to know what time the game will play at each table.

I am probably wording the idea wrong but somehow, if possible have set times to start the table sng so folks know when to join other players, without waiting a long time.

Perhaps to keep the sit-and-go flavor we could make it a widely-known secret that players looking for a game should show up at 0000, 0600, 1200 or 1800 hours. Something like that.

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Great idea, maybe a Heading advertisement in the sng lobby? would be a well known secret, where it should be :slight_smile:

The longer the steps are available the more players will begin using them. Highlighting in red let’s them stand out. I registered for a step 4 tournament the wait was long so I registered in a lower waged sng came out of it and could get to my step 4 game that has just started . Maybe having

These are all good considerations. I think frankly the scenario @Chasetheriver describes is just kind of baked into the paradigm.

There is already a generous overlay by the time players reach Step 4, as noted. So I don’t think “financial” incentive can be the problem.

More likely these are simply game types that attract players who don’t, on average, spend as much time on Replay. Add to that the simple math of exponential growth/decay and you’re gonna end up with a lot of waiting around at Step 4.

I think the waiting is the price one pays for the overlay! “It is what it is,” perhaps.