iOS app removed?

I have the RP app on my iPhone, and used to on my iPad. but when i went to re-download it, it says “this app no longer exists on the apple store.” or something to that effect. i checked the app store from my ipad, and my iphone, and sure enough, its gone, at least this morning.

just wondering whats up? or am i just blind?

Hi irishguy,

I remember a post with information about the IOS App, this is the info that was posted on 18th August 22

fizzymint Operations Manager
Aug 18
Our app is temporarily unavailable, but I’ll link it once it’s visible in the app store again. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Hope this helps.

Ah, Thank you Tiandra. Wow, this whole time i’ve been playing on a removed app then…

Well I hope it comes back. or if nothing else, a great responsive mobile UI webapp to get some games in when im stuck in the airport, etc.

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