String and Bubble gum

The site appears to have gone done yet again,it was down this am british time,and now again after I had won a good pot, how can you expect new people when the site appears to run on string and bubble gum,swallowcrook

This morning’s downtime was scheduled maintenance but this evening’s we had one of the hard disks on our main server crash. Our hosting provider Softlayer are working on getting it fixed now and I’ll post an update as soon as I have more information. Sorry about this.

Looks like our main database server has been laid to rest :frowning: We’re switching to our backup server and should be back online in about 1 hr max.

To ensure no chance of data loss, we’re performing a backup of our data. It’s taking longer than expected, ETA is 1 more hr, sorry folks! :frowning:

And we’re finally back online! Thanks everyone for your patience. It took a lot longer than we expected. Sorry for the delay.