Incorrect table status

This site is very slow to update stable status, ie, showing vacant seats when in fact the table is full

The tech team work on it . Recent changes to the site coused it.

Thank you for your quick response :slight_smile:

DesRosiers, can you explain exactly what happened? Are you referring to the lobby showing seats empty or full, but when you open the table it’s different?

Today we start work on making the lobby realtime! :slight_smile:

Not just lhe lobby… the empty seats as well. ocupied seats shows as empty on lobby.( like user seat out) I know this should be on the to do list.

Hi Paul

We have different informacion about starting time tournament

…and this comment posted now , but write 18 min ago. We run 18 min in the future :slight_smile:

Sarkozi, can you check if your computer clock is correctly adjusted? It seems it could be a few minutes late:

lol , thanx luiz … I asked myself, why not have time last days, I’m always late :slight_smile:

Does this mean we can drop late registration???