I plaid for chips that didnt show up

i plaid for chips that didnt show up

Hi feefee84

Perhaps there was a bit delay, or you needed to refresh the page for showing the chips, i can not see the logs of your bankroll. But as far as i can see your chips are added to your bank.

If there still is a problem please send an email to support (support@replaypoker.com) or by message using the ? in the header.

Greetings Happiness.

I Paid For 9 Million Chips And I Have refreshed the page over 50 times i am dissapointed that i was not greeted with my chips as i paid 250$ Please can you help me get my chips back or a refund,thanks And Btw Its On my other Account Whiskey664

Hi Whiskey

I’ll send it to the staff for you, there they can investigate what happened and reply to you.

Greetings Happiness…

Hi Whiskey664,

I looked up your info and I don’t see any recent transactions from this account. If you could please forward the email receipt that you received from PayPal to support@replaypoker.com that will be very helpful in resolving this issue.

I do show that 60,000 chips were purchased by feefee84 yesterday, but nothing for Whiskey664. Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Lesley