Again I will ask. I purchased $75 worth of chips at 9 am EST and have yet to receive them. Can anyone give me a heads up on this?

If this were my online domain sight, I would make sure that anyone purchasing chips would have them immediately no matter what only to have them lose them faster and have to buy more.

I guess its weekend, can be lots of reason, bank put hold on it , maybe… I email this for the staff now, but for answear, you have to wait, they work only weekday.

You right about make things sure about this and Im sure they do, sorry for any delay whatever the problem is. Thank you for supporting the site

I’ve checked your payment cogito and it’s been placed under review by PayPal. Until they clear the payment our systems won’t credit the chips.

Sorry for the delay but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do until PayPal gives it the OK. This happens rarely but they’re usually pretty prompt with resolving it. As soon as they do, we’ll automatically credit your account. All being well you should get an email from PayPal very soon to say the payment was cleared.

If you need any more help please contact or via the website support option (?) in the header.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled buying chips without receiving them.. I certainly hope this is not a shell game for I purchased $75 worth of chips on sun at 9am EST and have yet to receive them. was told replay that paypal has a hold yet when I call paypal they state that replay received the funds at 11am sun. Thank you for any help in this matter.

Cogito, certainly not a shell game! :o

I just checked now and paypal cleared the payment with us just about an hour ago.

It should have been credited immediately, but we’re now running a Labor Day promotion with 30% extra chips so the chips were flagged to check on our side - as the chips were purchased before the promotion started.

I’ve now OK’ed it and as a gesture of goodwill have applied the 30% extra chips to your purchase, which is an extra 450K chips.

We’re sorry this first purchase proved to be less than super smooth, unfortunately when paypal conducts a review of a payment we have no choice but to wait until they finish it.