I Lost my password


I lost my password on Skulls_JQKA and I not know my email that login to Skulls_JQKA. Is there any way to get my login back. Can you look at my email and can you send me the new password on the Skulls_JQKA. there is a _ between skulls and JQKA thanks

How to reset a forgotten password

Need to change your password into something more secure, but having trouble remembering your old password? No problem!

There are two ways to reset your forgotten password:

If you are already logged into your account:

Go to your Account Settings page. You can do this by clicking your profile picture in the upper right corner, then choosing “Settings” at the top.


This will open your Account Settings. Click on “Password” on the left-hand side to open your Password Settings.


Click on “Forgot Password?” to open a page where you can request your password by entering your Replay Poker username or email.


If you are not logged into your account:

From the Replay Poker homepage, attempt to log back in by clicking “Log in to Replay Poker” at the bottom.


DO NOT LOG BACK IN. Instead, you can click “Forgot your password?” to have an e-mail sent to you in order to reset your password.


You can then create a new, strong password to use on your account.

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Hi @[grapevine

Thanks It works