What should I do if I've forgotten my password and I can no longer access my registered email address?

how do i go about changing my email address with replay poker so that i can get my passwod or change it… my old email has been changed to a new one and the new one is not registered with replay poker… is there anything that can be done ? been playing a long time and have plenty chips but now have to start over due to forgotten password… my new email is jrich3837@yahoo.com

You should send an email to support@replaypoker.com and tell us what your old username was, what the old email address was and any other information that you think may be able to help us identify you. If you’ve already created a new username, also tell us all the details about that one too - as we’ll need to delete it once you’ve gained access to the old one. Thanks.

My username is huggie11, the old email address is maejo2@verizon.net. I forgot the password? The new email address is maejoh25@verizon.net