ugh!!! I was tricked into changing my password for my account. lol tricked. But whatever, I did the change but it’s all screwed up and now I can get into my account. I have tried password reset to go to my e-mail but I’m not getting any e-mail from Replay to reset it. Any suggestions? I can’t even contact support because I can’t get to my page.

But You can reach the community Forums and start a thread?

NO I can’t. I already had a page opened where I was logged into the forum. I never close it so thankfully I wasn’t automatically logged out like I was on the game site. The whole new password crap forced me out. Thanks for your help though. Appreciate it. Cheers

maybe @fizzymint can help you … best of luck getting back on ! She should see this since I tagged her on it !

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Email support at support@replaypoker.com they can send you some instructions. At least they can look at your account.


Go to your log in page and hit ‘forgot my password’ and Replay will send you “reset password” instructions to your email address. Type in a new password, confirm it and you will be good to go.

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Thank you @SharonSmarty! If @fizzymint does see this, my issue has been solved. Cheers!

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Thanks, this is what I did and they set me up with a temporary password which I have changed now. We’re all good! Cheers

Thank you @feelmysins, this was my issue. I wasn’t receiving the password reset instructions in my e-mail. I’m all good now though.



Glad to hear the news. My Pleasure. GL at the tables.


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Another one same as dayman, change my password,to which I asked for confirmation that it was true; NO reply. Changed it then locked out,no reply to my e.mails. What is going on please could someone at replay address the situation, user name swallowcrook

Just looked into this and see that our support team replied to your request on October 17th, but the email request came from a different email than the one attached to your account. I’ll create a new ticket for you from the email address we have on file. Please let me know if you don’t see anything within a few hours so we can send a PM and find out why you aren’t getting our emails.

I have also had this happen to mean hour ago, same as the other players. However I have not been able to get back in. Please help!

I’ve created a ticket in our system for you as well @RockStone

FYI - The fastest way to get help with any account or password issues is to write to us at support@replaypoker.com since we aren’t able to reveal any personal details here. Our support team is lightning fast and will get you back in ASAP! :slight_smile:

I’m back! Thank you very much! That was very fast service!
Thanks again,

I refuse to change my password.

There is nothing with any value attached to the email account linked to Replay or the password attached to it.

(Have never used any type of payment method on Replay)



If not, just another internet annoyance.

Why not give me a box I can check stating I understand and accept the risks involved.

That would be nice!

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