I kep getting cut off from games site freezes up

i kep getting cut off from games site freezes up


Could it be your internet connection? What browser are you using? Can you try using Google Chrome. Does it happen for all ring games and tournaments? What happens when it freezes, does it say Reconnecting? Please give us as much information as possible - thanks!

i had the same problem.It has taken me several minutes to get to my table and when i got to it i already lost 2 hundered cant remember what tourney that it.but i have high speed cable internet

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I have had the same happen to me several times

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change your browser, like google chrome

I am also having problems connecting to the tables im using mozilla never had a problem till this morning worked fine yesterday but nothing today

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I have had similar issues using Google Chrome (play freezes), as well as Mozilla and IE, so I do not think it is the browser. I’ve been on tables where someone else would ask if anyone else is having trouble and at that time I would not but they were, so it’s not like it’s happening to everyone at once.

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Let’s try and see if we can find some things common in these issues:

  1. Does it usually happen at a certain time of day, or day of the week? For example when the site is at its busiest?

  2. How does the problem manifest itself? For example, can you not connect at all to a table? If so, what exactly does it say, eg. CONNECTING… CONNECTING… or something else. If you try connecting to a different table do you get the same problem?

  3. Does it happen during a game, if so does it crash the flash or browser, or does it say something like DISCONNECTING. When does it usually happen, during your turn to play, for example when you’re choosing your bet, or typing in the chat; or is it just random even when you’re doing nothing, and just waiting for your turn?

Everyone knows you have lag issues but “your” finger points away from yourself.
I have high speed internet and REPLAY POKER is the only site that steals pots from me by freezing up my play…don’t ask me for real money purchase. . . . ever

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Same thing is happening to me. And I am using Google Chrome. Folds me and then puts me in sit out next hand. Yesterday it happened three hands in a row. Really annoying. I used to look forward to playing Replay Poker every night. Now it has become very frustrating. Trying to find another sit. Don’t want to but problems have been happening for a long time. Replay Poker used to be the best site. Now I don’t know.

Its probably the new tables. I was previously getting lag on the old tables - at times it was bad, but i was still able to play, the lag just hindered my play & was irritating.

On the new tables Im often experiencing lag for an entire hand not just my turn of 10-20seconds. Each deal/hand has multiple turns to play pre flop, flop, turn & river. The lag is so bad freezes up with no option to play. Hell I can’t even see what happened at all.

Is it my crappy internet? Maybe. Nothing has changed there. This I can say for sure: the old tables didnt lag so badly they froze up making them on occasions totally unplayable.

I reported the issue yesterday with the crappy snappy bug memo snail mail pigeon service and waited over 2 mins for it to send. Pointless waste of time, considering its continually happening and not being fixed.

Sorry they’ll keep asking for money. I’d like to put money in the tip jar to support RP but its too much of a disappointment. RP is great, but it does have a lot of things that need fixing, especially wi these new terrible tables. :frowning:

We know you guys work hard at Replay Poker, but same problems are happening every night. Also I send in real time mistakes on the feedback app. I imagine that you get a lot of feedback suggestions from a lot of players. Is it possible to gather some of the same complaints. together and give us some kind of acknowledgment with our problems and suggestions . I know I would appreciate it to know that someone is listening or at least reading our feedback ideas. Hate complaining. We were spoiled with the old tables. Hardly had any problems.I know that progress is good, but still have same mistakes every night.Thank you for your hard work and attention

Yea new tables are poo! I keep complaining about lag issues. Its not getting any better. Unfortunately i think the solution is ditch the new tables & start again. What do you expect RP to say if thats the truth? They wont fix the new tables but theyll keep trying or pretending too. Its all PR, say nothing… No news is good news…

Could be to do with the computer, I have the same problem with my old laptop but not with Chrome book,