Stuck on "loading". Frozen out

Stuck on loading page when I try to get onto my table for tourneys - happens when I get moved to other tables as well. It’s been happening for more than a week. Happened on Royal an 2nd Freelroll today. Sometimes the screen freezes while I’m betting and I’m only reconnected halfway through the next hand.

Are you playing on a wifi connection or fixed cable connection? It certainly sounds like some sort of internet connectivity problem. Do you ever experience other problems connections to sites, or pages load slowly etc?

Has any other player experienced an increase in this kind of problem in the past couple of weeks? We haven’t received any more reports of this sort of problem, so my initial guess is that might be to do with your internet connection benoni.

stuck on loading screen right now. Lunar Storm Fixed cable. Being playing for months and never had this problem. no problem with other internet connections

Paul, I sent this to support yesterday. Hand number 65188150 shows him not in the hand and he had already reported having trouble. Don’t know if this info helps. Also, reported for Malchoet (hand number 65187985) having trouble with the tournament button.

i can register and deregister for any tournament, but I can’t access the tables.

Twice when I logged in it showed my chips and ranking from 3 days ago.

While the tech-team is trying to find what is going on here, maybe you could try and delete some of your old internetdata. You can do this by pushing Ctrl + Shift + Del. This will bring up a menu that gives you the chance to choose which data to delete. I suggest you at least delete; - Browserhistory - Cookies (or at least the ones from ReplayPoker) - Cached information

Let us know if this helps to sort the problem, and for how long the problem was solved.

done that - no change. I had the same problem a week ago and the next day everything was back to normal. I can’t access ring games either. when i exit to the previous screen it shows my status ans chips from Sunday.

can connect to ring games again. try another tourney tomorrow. Didn’t get to play a single hand on Lunar. need my poker fix. love it. hope we can sort this out.

loaded on 2nd or 3rd try. fingers crossed.

It seriously sounds to me like some sort of internet problem - if you’re connection isn’t rock solid, and keep dropping or slowing down it can cause this kind of weird behaviour. Please let us know benoni how you get on in the next 12-24 hours.

No problems getting onto the tables the past 2 days. I’ll report it if the problem reoccurs. TY

Benoni, is there a chance it could have been your internet connection. Do you have a solid, reliable, wired broadband connection? Or is it wifi and/or can it be prone to slowdowns, weak download speeds and loss of connection?

I have a reliable fixed connection. no problem connecting to other site when the problem occurred. everything seems fine now. TU

again. same problem. 10k downs the drain. couldn’t play 1 hand.

when i go back from community forum it still takes me back to my status from 10 fays ago.

cant get onto table again. Roland1 has the same problem.(Super stars tourney)

Thanks for reporting the problem. It’s a bug that affects players with a slow connection, we managed to replicate the problem today and hope to have it fixed tomorrow. Sorry for any disruption caused.

tu. No problems since the last report.

Smoothe as silk getting in. TU.