Cannot Connect To Table

Am in the turn around 4500, started at 6pm, constant freezing, and now have been booted and table screen continues to say please wait connecting…everyone at table having same problems…WHAT IS GOING ON LATELY???

Lately the site got lots of update. (most requested by users) This updates bring bugs witch cant be detect before implement . Thets why. should all update taken place soon. then not thet much bug.

( browser/flashplayer update can bring bugs to, and internet epxlorer, microsoft/google chrome/ firefox ,mozzila /java, oracle and many more company wont notify any of the unsuspicious internet user like yourself )

Thets why all users can make huge differents to report any bug, more users do thet, more likely to go top on the work list.

The main reason for these recent instability are problems at our hosting provider, SoftLayer. Unfortunately those problems are out of our control. They’ve provided an excellent service for many years, it’s frustrating that recently their reliability has dropped. So we’re considering how best to deal with this situation, either by moving provider (which takes time and effort), or having some sort of redundancy in place so if problems occur in one data center another data center automatically takes over. Again this requires time and money to set up. Probably that’s within the budgets of most real money poker sites, but for a play money poker site like ours these added expenses make it impossible to cover the costs. For now I’d ask all members to bear with us as we are doing everything within our power and budget to resolve these issues.

If anyone is unable to compete fairly in a tournament, then please send an email to with all the details of the tournament, the time and problem experienced, and we can refund any lost play chips.

Thanks Paul, not trying to sound like a whiny b#$%@, just get frustrated becuase I really do love playen on this sight. I appreciate that you always answer my questions and dont get upset with me lol, I deffinatly am earing with you, with the occasionaly gripe from myself, just hope it does get resolved. I totally understand about the money situation, I know you guys are doing the est you can, so again, thanks :slight_smile:

LOL, no it’s important to tell us what you think and if you’re frustrated we need to know about it, that we can double our efforts! It’s when people don’t give us feedback and just choose to walk away that keeps us up at night! Thanks for your continued support! =)

I am still trying to connect, can anyone help?

Why can’t I connect to RP, is anybody else having this problem?

Yes, I have ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just joke :slight_smile:

-send a message to



We had no reported problem 2 days ago, so it’s most likely your internet or wifi connection playing up. I hope it resolved itself quickly!

I cant connect to a table,first time it happened

paul, sometimes it takes 3-4 minutes to open a table. I have dbl clicked on my name in the table I’m supposed to be playing but it doesn’t always work.

By the time I get seated 3 or more hands have been played.