How muck mechanics work?

I don’t understand it. Sometimes I see the opponent’s hands after the river and sometimes I don’t.

Usually depends on whether they automuck or not.

I don’t understand

Top right hand corner of the table you are playing there is a gear. Click on it and the drop down box will let you uncheck mark the auto muck box.

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That’s not the issue I am referring to. Regardless of whether the option is on or off, sometimes you see your opponents hands and sometimes you don’t. Additionally, when i have the auto muck options off, sometimes i can muck, but sometimes i am forced to show my hand. How is that determined ?

I will provide a very inelegant reply here, hoping others will improve on what I write. I think all cards are shown when two or more players come to the end of the game still active in it and then everyone (just like in live poker) gets to see “the reveal”–who actually holds the winning hand.

When you have selected the auto-muck option and your cards muck unless you specifically click unmuck at the end of a hand, I think that’s to do with the fact that there are no active players left in that round except you. You win by default, there’s no question that you won, so the computer just mucks your cards for you unless you select otherwise.

Now lets wait for the real pros to tell you the rest of the story. :wink:


If you call a river bet or are allin at any point in the hand, you have the right to see the hand that beat you… every time, no exceptions.

Things get screwed up, at least in my opinion, when a player is “away” and forced allin by being on one of the blinds. If a 3rd player enters that pot, but later folds, I think it just ends the hand and no cards are shown. I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature.

Other than that, I think everything is working the way it’s supposed to work.


I don’t think anyone understood my question. I have played years worth of poker in puzzle pirates. You ALWAYS see everyone’s hands at the showdown after the river. There are no muck mechanics so this is why I still can’t understand how they work at replaypoker.

everyone’s that is still active, that is.

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Interesting. I had no idea there were games in which everyone’s cards are shown after the river, except in the league I play in here where showing at the end of every hand is one of the rules of the league. My understanding is that in live games cards are mucked except at show-down.

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Maybe this will help…

"To show all of your cards during showdown rather than mucking, uncheck the Auto Muck box.

Otherwise, the default is to muck your cards in the following situations:

If you lose during a showdown and you were not the last person to take aggressive betting action at the table (e.g. I make a bet after the river card, you call, I have the better hand at the showdown, so your cards are mucked and not shown).

If all the other players fold before the end of a hand. "



I have already read the info from your link before posting here. It contradicts itself.

“If YOU lose during a showdown and you WERE NOT THE LAST PERSON to take aggressive betting action at the table (e.g. I make a bet after the river card, YOU call (SO YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON ???), I have the better hand at the showdown, so your cards are mucked and not shown)”

Makes no sense.

Betting and raising are aggressive actions. Checking and calling (and folding) are not aggressive actions.


Ok i think i am beginning to understand thanks to your reply.

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Ok I’ll try one more time. Who is forced to show their hand at the showdown ?


It would be much easier for you to understand if you just watched a replay of some hands that go to showdown with multiple players or just 2 players left and see what you see….or you can just read the outcome in the chat box from the dealer.

So basically whoever is aggressive must show his cards, correct ?

I just saw a game where 3 played, one went all in at the turn, the other two had more chips so they kept playing and at the river they betted and the all inner lost but we didn’t get to see his hands. Later on, I saw another game, the same situation, but we got to see the hands of the all inner. What’s going on ???

In that situation, the losing player has the option to show or not show.

I got a hunch he showed his cards automatically…