How to show your hole cards

how do some of the players show their hand after a win when it comes up show where their name is, and how do you go all in when it does not give you the option?

Uncheck ‘Auto Muck Hands’ and you will have a ‘Show’ button available (after your opponents have mucked).

The possibility of showing your cards gives an additional degree of freedom to your tactics.

Once at a 500/1000 table where players are less willing to go all in pre flop than at low stakes I played all in with 89s. Everybody folded. I showed my cards. Next hand came 9Ts and I went all in again (my analysis shows that these kinds of hands are relatively good at beating things like AA and AK). Now having shown with how weak cards I’m willing take the ultimate risk two players responded. I won a huge pot with two pairs tens over nines…

Great explanation watcha, and just to add to that if you go to your settings page here: then you can untick ‘Always auto muck hands’ so you don’t have to keep unchecking it in the game table.