How muck mechanics work?

I don’t think the muck mechanics rely on hunches, but OK.

next time if i see something like that, ill try to send the game link

What about when everyone checks after the river card ? Who is forced to show his hands ?

That’s a great question, and I don’t really know.

If someone makes a bet on an earlier street, are they still flagged as aggressor if they check later streets?

In hands with no aggressor, like limp pots that check to showdown, I think the first active hand after the button is revealed and becomes the hand to beat. Each hand after that is then evaluated, moving clockwise, and is shown if it’s better than the current hand to beat. If lower, you get the option to show or not.

In hands where there is an aggressor (however they define that) I’m guessing that the aggressor shows and becomes the current hand to beat, then they go one at a time clockwise from there.

Maybe I’ll actually pay attention next time I play so I won’t have to guess. :slight_smile:

Here is another example:

One goes all in preflop, the other two keep playing, and afterwards we get to see the hand of the losing all inner automatically. I don’t think he clicked “show”.

No, but one of the other players shoved the flop, so all active hands were revealed.

what do you mean by shoved ?

Sorry, shoved means went allin.

So if everyone active is all in, all cards are shown ?

Yeah, I think so.

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When you reach a showdown, the player who plays first (furthest from the button) shows their hand, if the next player has a better hand it is shown, if they have a worse hand it is auto mucked face down unless they choose to show it, and so on until the winning hand is turned up. In live poker you can actually fold the winning hand like Phil Ivey did in the WSOP a few years back (folded a straight by mistake)

If everyone playing the hand is all hands are shown, unless there is a side pot in which case all cards stay face down (another glitch as a loosing all in doesnt have to show here when the side pots are not all in to the end)


Well I’m certainly glad we finally got this thread all figured out… or did we ???