How do I activate chat?

People talk to me but can’t I respond. “sniffle”


Well, when i swearing in chat and somebody reported at my account after i cannot chat for some hours :grinning: its doesnt make me upset, im happy not see their “nice” coments.

You can try if you have the same problem when you use another browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, IE or another).

For problems in Google Chrome,
You might check this page (chrome://plugins/) and make sure that the Flash plugin is enabled. You can also troubleshoot by disabling any additional plugins that you have installed and see if that helps at all.

Things happen… :slight_smile: carefull next time. Its not certain you reported, mods watch out too keep the peace

@bluerose9 I’ve checked your account and you haven’t been muted by a moderator, so I’m not sure what the problem might be. Let us know if you still can’t chat and if so, what browser and version you’re using - but to be honest, we’ve not had anyone else reporting problems with this.

I had same problem in spring time and i wasnt be muted my a moderator as well. As i know Babusa has had problem with chat too, she wrot me in private sms that she is talk to me at chat and do not answer.

I do hope that I haven’t caused any offence with some of my mindless yakking.
I like to talk,and dread the day when I can no longer engage in conversation.
Part of the problem with typed chat is that the nuances get lost so it is hard to differentiate genuine comments from sarcastic ones,and innocent remarks can be misinterpreted.Look at the “VNH” thing on the other page…you see?

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m using Safari 9.0.1 Should that work?

I think I’ve discovered the problem, it was with your browser, Safari. I’ve just tested it myself and I get the same problem, the height of the pop-up window is too small so it cuts off the area where you normally types your messages. We’ll get this fixed today and then you shouldn’t have any more problems. Sorry about that.

No worries, thank you! I opened with Chrome and got it working that way as well. Cheers!

I’m having that problem now :frowning: I could talk a couple of days ago now when I hit enter nothing happens ?

Very strange! It might be Flash related. Could you try updating Flash or checking another browser to see if your chat gets back to normal?

Thanks Fizzymint. I updated and it now works again. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I HAVE A MAC AND NAVE Never been able to chat

Me also,I hope people don’t think Im rude.

Actually I did kinda think you were rude… all I can suggest is go to your setting and see if the chat box is ticked off.

Definitely recommend checking your settings, like @SharonSmarty mentioned! If that isn’t it, the biggest culprit is typically not having Flash updated.

If all else fails, try using Google Chrome as your browser. As long as you keep Chrome updated, Flash will be updated, and that tends to result in fewer problems. Let’s get you chatting at the tables!

Thank You ill try and let you know.

updates settings clear flash and browser history,and nothing.