Mute problems?

Hey i been trying to mute players and chat in general from time to time and it seems that it never works? Individual mute always lets talk through and full chat seems to work only occasionally? I don’t know whats going on… Can we get chat hide option? And option to make players not to see what you say would be good too.

Thanks for reporting this issue. The mute currently only works for the table you’re on, so if you close the game and reopen it or open a second table, you’ll need to set your mute options again. Could that be what’s happening? Or when you use the mute feature seated at a table, it stops working, or doesn’t work at all?

Well i don’t think i never had individual mute work, and yes i have played over 5 hours in table. Dunno about the issue in chat mute, because i think it works sometimes, but not very often. Got much talk in chat when i have muted everyone and whole table to test things too… I like happiness’s comment on on other topic that mute could be tied to your account so u wouldn’t need to do it again everytime.

Edit1: And yeah there is that problem that players don’t sit down to play and still scream in chat without fear of muting…

There are 3 mute options.

  1. In your Settings, you can tick…Disable player chat. You hide all chat, in every room and it is permanent untill you untick it. Chat from players who are chatting in the room but not sit is hidden also. You yourself are therefore not able to chat

  2. On top right (below the arrows) you can click on the chat balloon. Than you hide all chat in that room. When there appears a x in the black balloon all chat is hidden. You can turn it on and off. It is only for that room. Chat from players who are chatting in the room but not sit is hidden also. You yourself are therefore not able to chat

  3. You can turn off the chat from a particular player by clicking on the mute symbol on his mini profile. You muted that player for the time you both are in that room. You can not turn off chat from players who are chatting in the room but not sit. And you can chat yourself.

See if you can find a pattern as to when it stops working. For example you mute a player, but when the next hand starts you can see their chat again. OR perhaps you sit out and when you rejoin you can see their chat again. If there’s a bug we need to find a way to reliably gets the bug to show up so we can easily fix it.

Happiness is right there is a setting to permanently turn off chat.

As for muting spectators, that’s a good point.

Which solution(s) do you prefer:

a) No spectators should be allowed to chat on a table, only those sat down b) You should be able to see who’s spectating at the table and then choose to mute them like any regular player c) Have an option to mute a player from their profile page, this player will be muted on all tables regardless if they are sat or spectating. d) A simple option to turn off all chat from specators only, a bit like mute all players, but limited to spectators.

Also I’d like to hear from other players if they prefer a), b), c) and/or d)


I have no problem with that, I like vox populi ;).

So, if my vote is crucial: c) or b) or c) and b)

you should definitely throw out a) as an option

I agree with sarkozi, a) is kinda too extreme, but b c and d sound good to me.

I didn’t know about 1), but 2) and 3) are bugged atleast to some degree… Yeah its kinda hard to find the cause of error, but i think it isn’t caused by sitting out, leaving table, but im not sure about changing seat.

i go for c) but d) is oke for me too if you can turn it off and on at the table you’re playing on.

Okay great, looks like c) is a winner - we’ll go ahead and add this option. Perhaps b) or d) could be added later if players feel it would be useful.

Sounds great, can’t wait :slight_smile: (but seriously need this one fast heh)

Muting a player worked now finally :slight_smile:

Yeah, we managed to fix it earlier this week =)

My idea was to allow any player seated at a table to anonymously mute a non-seated observer that is chatting if they feel a need. Most are OK and do not cause problems, some are not and need to be muted.

Sorry for being late to the party.

Late to the party??? I sure am! I think the most effective way to handle this problem would be to give the monitors a certain discretion to judge when a player has stepped over the line with their chat ability. They would quickly learn their lesson if those monitors would then block their ability to post chats for a certain period of time… Let me know if you ended up reading this post Paul…

Hi TheBadBasher

This topic is more about if you not want to see the whole chat or if you not want to see the chat from a certain player.

I understand what you mean, and you can be sure moderators have the possibility to take action when a player uses bad language or when a player harass or insult another player or use profanity. Abusive, foul, threatening or otherwise inappropriate chat will not be tolerated.

If the chat or the behavior is inappropriate you can send a moderator a message (with the hand number for prove) and the moderator can take action. The moderator can give a warning, mute or ban a player, even remove a player permanent if necessary. Moderators working as a team, we see all the actions of each other, and all previous violations from a player.

note***Every player is responsible for his own part of the chat, better send a moderator a message and not react with bad language if there are problems.

Thanks TheBadBasher, it was good to mention this again. Greetings Happiness.

Happiness is correct, moderators already have the ability to take action by muting players. I think for now B17 we’ll add the ability to mute a player from their profile page, perhaps later we’ll have a way to mute observers from within the game.

I know how to ignore someone, but if he/she stays to observe the player, it can be a problem, so I’m all for option C. I’d like a way to permanently block someone, and then not have to worry about doing each time I’m at a table with the less civilized player. I did search for an answer, please forgive me if I am being, ahem, redundantly repetitive.

Thank you for the great site and all the great work you do.

Thanks for your feedback MaggieCat. I’ve taken another look at this story and moved it up our list of priorities so we should hopefully tackle it soon enough.