How can I dodge these kind of losses?

How can I dodge these kind of losses? Both of those times I was sure I will win and went all out. What would have you done on these situations? Did I make the right call to go all out even though I lost?

I have :diamonds:3 and :clubs:Ace

I have :diamonds:King and :diamonds:Ace

If the replay poker link doesn’t work then here is a video of me losing: Poker - YouTube

Hi akkountti,
Obviously by the river this an unavoidable bad beat on the river, but I just wanted to tell you what I would’ve done in the A3 offsuit hand.
The first decision you make is to call the 200 after several other callers, it’s not a terrible play, but I think I prefer folding due to the fact that it has almost zero speculative power (when you have a chance to make a really powerful hand, sets, straights, flushes), once it comes back to you for 200 more though, once you call the original 200, it doesn’t make much sense to fold to this bet.
On the flop the raise is an interesting decision it seems like the players (I’m not sure, I’m just guessing) are extremely loose and dont like folding so I’m not sure how many hands that are better than yours are going to fold and I don’t think many hands that are worse than yours are going to call. When you get two callers to this raise, I think you can assume that at least one of them has something better than you and you can safely checkfold your threes, but then you get an ace on the turn to make two pair. I don’t think the raise on the turn is bad and I probably would’ve done the same thing (especially if they are loose like I expect) Now, the river comes giving you a full boat, and as long as the chips get in the middle, you are making the right play pretty much. The play on the river is for sure correct, as the reshove over your raise was such a small amount that you could not fold to the shove for that price.

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As for the AK hand, I think you shouldve raised more before the flop, I wouldve made about a pot sized raise to something around 160. AK plays better against less opponents and its a solid hand so its good to get more money into the middle. The flop bet looks great, as for the turn, I wouldve made a bigger raise, perhaps to something like 1/2 pot or around 1000. When he shoves, its an instacall, and unfortuanetly he turns over pretty queens. Its a cooler and the shove is definatly the right play.

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Thank you for your analysis for both of these hands. I feel like I learned something. I didn’t know that AK plays better against less opponents.

No problem. Thanks for posting on the forums :slight_smile:

Just from watching these hands, the number one thing you can do to avoid these types of situations is raise substantially before the flop. Not only does AK perform better against fewer opponents, literally any hand will have more equity (% chance to win) against fewer opponents. Having fewer opponents also makes it easier to read the hands of others and win with less absolute hand strength (i.e., it is easier to win with 1 pair against 1 opponent than it is to win with 1 pair versus 6 opponents…). In situations like these with 9 players where everyone is limping and playing passively, I would play only very strong hands (possibly TT+/AQ+) and raise them big (3x or more +1bb per limper). You will get unlucky and crash out sometimes, but stealing 8 big blinds is not bad and when someone does call you are probably still ahead of their range.

In the first hand A3o is not good enough to raise, so limping behind is fine. I would probably fold though, because A3o does not flop well. What do you expect to hit with this hand? If an Ace flops, someone likely has a better kicker. Even if you flop a straight, there can be a better straight. Even if you end up with a full house, there can be better full houses. Basically, the chance of hitting something strong is low, and even your best case scenarios aren’t great.

As played, don’t raise the flop. Calling is fine, but you have bottom pair, so you are essentially bluffing, but with so many players, there is a good chance that you will get called. You played the turn fine and river fine, but remember that your full house is quite low. When you see a flop with so many players, there is a very good chance that by the river one of them has a massive hand (like 99/55/A9/A5). You wouldn’t expect to see AA played so passively, but not too surprising in these games.

The other hand is once again kind of unlucky because you had a good hand and theirs was massive. These two opponents played AA and QQ so passively that they are losing a ton of value in the long run, but it worked for them here. My only comment on your play in this hand is again that your initial raise should be much larger, like 160. Your bet on the turn should also be larger. Their min-bet made no sense, but you should be betting at least 800, possibly a lot more.

Once they go all in I usually give them credit for a huge hand like 33/KQ, especially because so many players got to see the flop, though they definitely should not play QQ this way. But because they could also be overvaluing another king, it is ok to call. Just bad luck that they were so strong when you had trips top kicker.