Advice on this hand?

i’m holding K8sc still learning.

What is your question?

Kc and 8c … for what its worth I would probably have played it the same way, you risked a small amount in case of the 3rd A being in one of the other two hands so in the case of one of them calling you and having the better hand, you wouldn’t have lost too much, as it happens… you won without taking too big a risk. ( I’m no expert though … LOL ) :wink:

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Pre flop… Fold, Kc8c is not a good enough hand to be played from early or middle position. You can play it from late position in the CO or BTN (cut off, button). I would only play it if it folded to me and I would def open (raise) if I did decide to play it. Also when you are opening hands you should be opening much bigger, at least 3x with no antes in the early stages of tournaments and bigger if limpers are already in. We do this to get value from and punish all the players who are playing ranges too wide with way too many hands. Reason to not min raise such mediocre holdings are we are not thinning the field (still 5 to the flop) and we are not charging our opponents mistakes. We are then stuck playing OOP (out of position) in a bloated pot with a bad hand and a lower SPR (stack to pot ratio).

OTF (on the flop)… Flop is fine.

OTT (on the turn)… I do not like betting here as we are still behind a good amount of the time as our opponents in a multi way pot should be checking weak A’s and definitely all their Kx hands. You did get called by worse but that’s not going to happen most of the time you get called. You will usually be beat. If you have to bet I would again go a bit larger, charging the back door flush draw is more important that trying to squeak out value from QQ-88 and 7x hands all of which should be folding to turn bets anyway.

OTR (on the river)… Check, pretty much the same reasoning as for the turn, especially after getting called in two spots OTT. If we must bet though, I do like the down bet sizing keeping our V’s (villain or opponent) calling range as wide as possible.

As an aside your hand should be displayed as K8cc or Kc8c. I see K8sc and think you have K of spades and 8 of clubs. Which could affect the analysis you get.

NH otherwise… hope this is helpful… cheers! :slight_smile:

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I don’t have the experience of Dayman so take that for what it’s worth. My take is from an opponents view. Your plays were largely telegraphed and too easy to stay with, if for example I had an A7. So here is my quick take.

PreFlop - I agree, my first choice is to fold if someone at the table is using Dayman’s strategy. He’ll bleed you. But with the blinds cheap and the table playing conservatively maybe you catch a flush draw so I see why you stayed in. Plus, you did actually win the hand.

Flop. If you are going to win you need to know who has an ace so you have to BE the Ace. The flush is gone. You have to bet to win. 2x or 3x. Who stays, only an A, now top pair, pair of 7s, now trip, pair of K’s, now trip, a K7, 2pair, or a dreamer. The 7 trip or K trip could call or probably raise. Only Trip K has no fear. The others call. If you get raised you’ll wish you folded pre-flop.

Turn. You bet again, 3x. You’ll find out who has the other Ace now. Trip Ace should raise. Trip K might call unsure about the Trip A possibility. Fold to a raise. In this case they probably fold and you take the hand.

It should be over before the river. Your 8 is never relevant except maybe as a kicker if someone has a K9 for example.

I welcome criticism here. Just be nice.

thanks to everyone who posted. right now, my game is at a point where i probably wouldn’t open the hand, even in better position. nowdays, i like to be really aggressive, or wait in the high brush. K8 doesn’t lend itself to either.

Agreed. It is a fairly decent hand for 1:1 as it starts ahead of all hands other than pocket pairs, all Aces, and all Kings from 9 upwards, so there are only 30 possible hands that start ahead of you, but in a multiplayer pot, not much good. K9s is a bit better, because you can make a straight using both cards, but not the nut straight, so risky. KTs is a lot better, because you can make the nut straight, plus second best flush, and a good chance of making top pair, especially if Ace is not on the table. If Ace flops, you can make a probing bet to determine if opponent is scared of Ace on flop. With an Ace on the flop, you have three cards towards your nut straight, and the probability is still that you are ahead.

K8s is OK as a bluffing hand, where the primary intention is to take the pot on the flop with a bluff provided that the BB rolls over and gives up with hand, with the bonus that you may also make top or second pair, or a flush draw if Plan A fails.

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yeah, the best thing about this hand pre is the K blocker.