Bad Beat and Betting Question

Recently I’ve been playing bigger stakes and not fairing too well. Just wondering if I played this hand right. Maybe, I was just unlucky. Maybe, playing someone who doesn’t know when to fold?Any advice would be appreciated. Please keep it simple as I don’t know all the poker slang and/or acronyms.

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I think you bet to agresive,nothing wrong with that,but AA is not always the best cards! do not all in,see what the others do first

Players far better than me will probably give far better answers - but I don’t think you really did anything wrong. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I seem to see an awful lot of “river card beats” when I play, and I’ve been beat by “that one card you didn’t want to see” river card more times that I can count (haven’t we all?). Some people just hold out for it because, hey - not like it’s real money to them, so why not?

Maybe you should have gone bigger after the flop when trip Aces showed up - maybe even all in at that point - and maybe that would have brought the fold? But then again, not sure that would have made a difference - a guy that calls your all-in at the turn and all he’s got is a pair of Kings and a gutshot straight draw? Wow - I’m not sure he would have folded no matter what you did.

Maybe he felt you were bluffing, or just took the Ricky Bobby approach (“If you ain’t first, you’re last”). (I’m reaching here)

I think it gets down to it isn’t real money, and a lot of the time people treat it accordingly - resulting in what happened to you, and it’s something that happens in an online, play money game waaaaay more than a real cash game. If that was real cash, I’ve got to believe that guy folds.

Just unlucky river, even going all in pre flop wouldn’t have saved you from the suck out :nauseated_face:


Hey jujube I’m impressed I don’t see many well played hands on the forum! did you trained?

The preflop raise is perfect: 3BB + 1 blind per player who pays, so 1200+400*3.
On the flop the sizing is really good against two beginners but can be a bit expensive for two reasons: you have three of kind aces so you block a lot of top pair (but one of the two players will often have a gutshot, or double pair, or flush draw, so the sizing is not bad), then you don’t need to do too much because the size of the pot on the flop is already big so you will easily go all-in until the river, so it’s a detail but I would have made 4000-5000.
But if you flopped a straight you can overbet as you don’t block any top pair/double pair/three of a kind and flush draw.
On the turn since the pot is too big due to the sizing you did on the flop going all in is the best option since there are too many cards blocking the river action.

it’s funny I have a really similar hand but where I did not block top pair so I valued like a pig against any opposing ace

it seems like nothing but very few players on the site would have played as well as you!!! gg dude that’s good to see :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Thanks for the feedback guys. Didn’t want to bet bigger on the flop as there was a possible straight. Since there was no raise I figured he was going for the flush.

Ah yes!!!

the only big mistake you did, put the max cave, so 80000 chips with the automatic reload, it would be a shame not to take the whole stack of a player with more than 50k chips.

Where are the biggest stakes?

I’d suggest 2/4 for you, El-Jog. You’re probably ready to move past the 1/2 tables.

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I liked your play on every street:

  • Pre-flop, I think your raising size seemed reasonable, attacking all of the limpers from the small blind. Given how many callers you got, you could probably make it even bigger, though (maybe 1.5 to 2 times what you actually bet). But just generically, it seemed like a fairly appropriate bet size.
  • On the flop, a pot sized bet seemed good. I don’t think I’d have been inclined to go smaller than about 80% pot, and might have considered a slight overbet there.
  • Turn: do you want to go all in now, or on the river (probably make a small bet on the turn if the latter)? I think I prefer going all in on the turn, like you did.

You got all your chips in with the best hand. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

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Thank you. Sometimes I’ll be patient and wait for the river to go all in. But, all too often the river looks like it is what they’ve been waiting for and then I don’t know what to do. I get stuck in that situation where a smaller bet on the river lets them take advantage of the bluff. In this case, I didn’t think he had straight on the flop and the turn didn’t add anything and he was willing to go in on the smaller bets, so I felt like I had to force him out. Otherwise, like you say, lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

Just my opinion but you raised 2000, with KJ I prob fold but not the worst call I’ve seen. He has to put you on a big pair or a big A. You bet 8000 aftr flop, A and K come if it was me ID feel very behind but he calls. Turn or 4th card comes now he has 2nd pair and needs 1 of 4 Qs for a straight. You go all in and he calls, my opinion terrible call for that amount but of course he hits the str and you get smacked in the face. He got soooooo lucky and prob should have folded 3 times B4 last card. It’s not for real money so people will chase chase chase, not to mention REPLAY loves to make it dramatic on the river.

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If only it had been you PK827 :slightly_smiling_face:

You played it well. He caught a 3-outer. There are tons of Replay players who play like that. Your fairly large pre-flop raise from UTG polarized your hand - you either had a huge pair, or you had nothing. The fact that you made that move UTG would’ve been enough for a good player to fold KJ. KJ has HORRIBLE implied odds in that spot, especially with 4 players to act behind him. 90% of the time, maybe more, that guy loses.

Quite so. KJ is a dominated hand, so a bad underdog to AK, AA, or KK, and also a dog to QQ (and AJ) so a definite fold preflop since these are the most likely hands for you to hold.

So coming to the flop, if you have AA, KK, or TT, he is in poor shape with only a gutshot straight draw and a possible flush draw on board, so even the Queen of Spades could be a killer for him.

But like everyone said, this is not real money. If it was, you would love to lose this hand if you could afford several rebuys against this opponent.

Thanks all - I appreciate the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: At least I have a note on the player so I know what to expect next time.