Hi/Lo Rules

I know the rules, BUT don’t agree with them. A Hi hand without a pair is Ace, then 2nd card king so on.

A Lo hand being the opposite SHOULD be best low Ace then 2nd card deuce, so on.

An A,2,3,5,8 SHOULD BE lower than a 3,4,5,6,7.

High starts with the highest card winning, a low hand should start with the lowest card winning.

And then on to 2nd lowest just like in HI it goes to the 2nd highest.

It’s half a$$ backward, a man must of made up the rules. :slight_smile: lol

It’s not really. You are looking at it backwards: it should read 76543 beats 85321


No, the rules are backwards, if the highest card wins a hi hand then the lowest card should win a low hand.

You’re right, It IS the high card that wins the Hi side of hi-lo. HOWEVER, on lo side using 2 hole cards and 3 community cards it is the LOWEST combination of ALL 5 cards. You can win w/a single card on the hi side but not the low…

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Exactly, the rules are dumb, it should be the same for both.

LOL. I can’t argue with that. But I personally like 7 stud hi-lo because it makes you think, it’s very fluid and changes quickly, and very little room for bluffing-at least compared to hold’em.


My fav is Royal, maybe because there are less cards to keep track of lol.


It’s probably psychosomatic for me trying to play Royal. I get a headache from the faster play (less cards like you said) and I compare it to playing 1 on1. Just can’t do it. LMAO. Anyway, pleasure texting w/you. Have a very nice day…

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Thank you !!! See you on the Royal tables. lol Have a good night.



It is the same for both. It’s not a Hi card Lo card game but a Hi hand vs Lo hand game. In your example for Lo hand the 76 is lower than an 85 Lo hand.


Sorry it’s not the same, you can win with a single card on the hi, but not the low. How is that the same?

In the hi the highest card wins, in the lo the lowest high card (of the five) wins. Sorry not the same. :))

Following the lo rules for the hi you would get: AKQJ2 losing to 98764.

Please somebody tell me they understand what I am saying. LOL

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You are absolutely right Angelina! Sorry smooth 99, but a SINGLE high card amongst 4 other cards WILL win on the high side. However, 5 cards are needed in combination to win the low side…

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OOOPS! That part is wrong. 9 is too high for a low hand. To qualify it must be 8 or less. Same goes for AKQJ2. Neither of them qualify…

They are both hi hands using the lo rules.

But you were on the right track! A single high card compared to all other hands wins hi side. 5 cards 8 or less wins the low side with A2345 being a great nut hand hi and lo.

The 4 being bigger than the 2 means the hand with the 4 wins following the rules of the lo.

Neither on of those hands QUALIFY to win on the LO side

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They are HIGH hands using lo hand rules.

In my lowly opinion what you should say is hi-lo rules so no one gets confused. But you were VERY much on the right track saying one single high card is enough to win the hi side. PHEWWWWW, LOL. This is tiring. LMAO!!!

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