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Would requiring a declaration of hi or low work for this website? Just wondering. Any opinions and please be nice. Thank you!

If I understand your question correctly:

There is no declaration. For a hand to qualify as low, it must have 5 cards 8 or below that do not include a pair.

So in Omaha H-L, the best low is A2345, followed by A2346, then A2356, then A2456. The worst qualifying low is 45678, followed by 35678, then 34678, then 34578.

You can use different cards to make your high and your low, so long as each has exactly 2 cards from your hand and 3 from the board. For example:

AH AD 2S 3C–Your hand

AS AC 4H 5D 6C–Board

This would be quad aces for high, and A2345 for low, basically an unbeatable hand for both sides.

If you do not have two unpaired cards 8 or under in your hand, you cannot get a low hand.
If there are not three unpaired cards 8 or under on the board, nobody can get a low hand.

Be careful when shoving all-in in Omaha. If you get called and you win only half the hand (high or low), you split the pot, basically just getting your money back plus half the blinds and antes. A lot to risk for little-to-no reward.

If you tie with someone else for low, you split the low pot with them, getting only 1/4th the pot, with the high winner getting half. This is called “getting quartered”, and almost always means you lose money. This happens very often. (Of course, the same result happens if you split high, but you’re more likely to split low).

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Do you mean defining what you we’re playing for ex. Hi or Lo. Because that’s what declaration means.

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Yes, declaring your intent to go hi, lo or both. Some casinos are known for this. I’ve never experienced it, but it seems declaring would add an extra twist. Just not sure if anyone here would want to try or if it is even possible on Replay…

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I thought that’s what you meant. Yes a twist :joy:

I’m willing to declare right now… I will be going for both every time.


Well I do declare ( in my best fake southern accent) :blush:

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