Hi all. How does 1 enter the community 100k free roll? i need a pass code?

see above

Go to The Replay Poker Page on Facebook :slight_smile:

or in a pinch u can drop into a game going on and ask but remember there is only a 5 min late registration

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Hi @pjislington,

The 100k community freeroll requires you to enter a password which can be found on the Replay Poker Facebook page.

I hope this helps!


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And in case you are wondering what the tie-in might be with Facebook, I think of it as Replay Poker’s process for getting the word out–via Facebook–that there’s a wonderful place on line to play free poker. I’m always happy to go to the Replay Poker page to help get that word out. That’s how I found Replay Poker myself–through a Facebook post. :slight_smile:

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or instagram

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I detest facebook so therefore I guess I am excluded?

im not allowed to be a facebook user due to work but you can access the password for each weeks games via twitter