How do you get passwords for tournements?

Hi Guys, iff i do a tournement somettimes its ask for a password does some one know where to get them cos i can’t find them thnx for reading this

Grtzzz DaveBiggelaar

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On the Replay Facebook Page


Hi Dave,
If you go to the bottom of the Dashboard page you will see the “f” for Facebook. Click this and it will take you straight to the Replay Facebook page where you will find the freeroll community password. This password changes every week!
Hope this helps.


I just go to Instagram.
Go to Search & type in Replay Poker then you can just read their post’s. It’s that easy.

Aloha ka ko, Tony { eastkaaawa }

What about those who are strongly not a fan of such websites?

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I heard you don’t have to have an account. The password is there for all to see.

I understand, but I mean even hearing about them or visiting them in the first place. Not that I ever will, but I was just bringing it up.

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I don’t do social media at all.

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Neither do I, I can’t stand the idea of it all.

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This is goofy, a password for free games, more time lost out of my short life lmfao.

Cannot find anything. I went to FB, Twitter & Instagram



I think the Password is noted in the Featured section in your second screen shot. Looks like it’s FROST

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Hi @DaveBiggelaar ,

You may find the Community Freeroll password on Replay Poker Official Social Media pages:

The password for this week is “frost”.

You may find the password in the links above as well.


Hi There,

I should have mentioned that I did use FROST, upper and lowercase. Kept getting an “invalid password” and a sad red face lol. Just tried again now.

Thank you

The hats off because the password for the week is “ frost “ all lowercase. There was a problem last week but as far as I know it has been resolved.

Best of luck