Password for FB freeroll

Good morning,
I’m trying to register for one of the FB freerolls this Sunday and I get a pop up asking for my password (even tho I’m logged in). When I enter my password it states it is invalid.
Any idea what I’m doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance,

Hey Randy - it wants the password that the site lists on its Facebook page, not your password :slight_smile: Every week they have a new one.


LOL…thanks very much, I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on!
I’m new to tournament play but I’m learning :relaxed:

Thanks again,


What is the Freeroll pssd for this week?

You can always find it at

When you scroll the lobby page to register for the community games and click the freeroll game you wish to enter look at the smaller frame to the right. On the top of that it will name the game. 100K Daily Community Freeroll
Underneath that it will provide a link to facebook of twitter where you can always find the latest password.
The password can be found on Replay’s Facebook page or Replay’s Twitter page.