Heads Up League/Leaderboard

Hi, sorry for making another heads up post (yes, I am obsessed).

So I play high/elite stakes heads up SnG 100k, 250k 500k and 1mil, where I enjoy a slightly better then I would expect 65 percent win rate (I’m sure it will normalise back to my usual 55-58 eventually. though). Sadly we currently have no way of measuring our performance against other players, I am obsessed enough to keep a record of all my games on a spreadsheet hence why I know my own win rate although obviously this gives me no idea where I stand against the general community.

Do we know if there are any plans to introduce a league or leader board exclusivly for the HU community in the future and if not could this please be considered. While it is nice to see my overall all format rank rising steadily, I have only been playing here for 5 or so weeks on a regular basis (although I have been signed up for 6-7 months) so I have a long wait before I bother the top 1000 in the overall rankings, which is my ultimate aim.