Hand Ranges

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get better at putting opponents on Hand Ranges?
Reply’s :slight_smile: Resources, Videos, Etc…

I’ve never thought about it before until now, I’ve always went by that gut feeling and have been doing quite well in the low stake MTT’s but now that Im actually trying to think about it I’m getting my Arse kicked lol

I know that if I want to move up I need to have a better understanding and really need to learn how to get good at it and am really hoping you guys/gals can help!

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What I do is just simply try to think it out. Remember betting is used to gain information.

If I have a strong hand I’ll bet heavy. If the opponent calls the opponent could have a strong or at least equal hand. If the opponent raises it means one of two things: The opponent has a very strong hand or they’re bluffing.

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Assuming you are ok with all the basic math and concepts, I would start playing around with an app called Flopzilla (www.flopzilla.com). Easy to use and self explanatory. Rather than spending a lot of time on video instruction, I think its easier to simply use the tools and see what happens yourself. After you spend some time with it you should have more specific questions and then you can search for more specific answers.

If you are not good with the math or the concepts, I’d brush up on those 1st. Would also try to be familiar with the ideas of opening ranges by position so that this stuff will have context.

Added - you get a 7 day free trial which is more than enough time to get you well on your way. You don’t need to buy it to do what I suggested.

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Wow this thing looks amazing!

I definitely have positional awareness all the time (weather I use it or not in certain situations, debatable lol)

The only think I know about math is if the pot odds are greater than hand odds you call if the reverse is true then its not a profitable call.

I really appreciate the info, Im definitely going to be trying the flopzilla it looks so cool! Maybe even screen record a few games then get it it to review how I’ve played.

Yo da Man!

@Marc978 Thank you for your advice as well.

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Yes, you watch them when you play and use the “notes” thing to write down what you observe…then when you play them again you refer to your notes.