Hand #92219443

I was flopped a winning hand, called, then while I was trying to go all in the button froze and while I was frantically hitting the All In…I timed out. I’m just sick. I was playing with the best players on Replay and had a chance to win. Watch this sickening hand.

Hand #92219443 Thanx.


Very sorry for the trouble, I know that’s super frustrating. It sounds like it’s an issue with the connection, which can be caused by a lot of different things. We have an article here with a few items you might check on your side to see if they help at all. http://help.replaypoker.com/.../why-do-i-keep-getting

If not, that article also has suggestions for information you can send us using the contact link at the bottom. Not everything is under our control, but we’ll certainly try our best to help narrow down what’s causing the issue and see if we can help.

Cheers, Lesley